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  • bubblyjoe51 bubblyjoe51 Jan 12, 2013 3:29 PM Flag

    Ruffturd is still alive and doing well


    I'm more than elated to note that Ruffturd hates being embarrassed and I'm equally ecstatic over the measures he has taken to curtail any more humiliation and punishment.

    I don't know how much time I spent admonishing the clodhopper to grow up and act his age, but all was in vain. He always knew better than anyone else. The November election is a good case in point of an area he knew better than most and everybody else was an ignoramus. He spent days on end running down the Guru with platitudes and epithets I wouldn't utter to my dog, but in the end his tutor is still here and he has vanished. Well, to save face, Mr. Know-it-all did the right thing, but some of us know he spends most of his time lurking and censoring readership. That will never end until the Guru disappears. There's too much to learn!

    Conceit is a game that neophytes play. Not all grown-ups subscribe to it. There's a price to pay for being unsophisticated.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • have you ever considered that the "relationship" of ruffturd with pinocchio, when compared to your "relationship" with ruffturd, has pretty much made you & ruffturd the opposite sides of the same coin?

      whose addiction would you say is worse: yours or his??

      now, come on; tell us more about these "co-workers" you said you had on this board.

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