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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 May 15, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

    Performance of my 90 year-old client's account from inception last July 18

    She wired in $8,400 on that date and here are all of the investments that have been made in her account:
    1) On 7/18/12, sold 130 contracts of the BAC Feb. 4-strike naked puts for $11 apiece. Net proceeds after commissions amounted to $1,320 and margin requirements were $8,060. 11 weeks later on Oct. 3, 2012, the 130 contracts were bought back for $3 each or $395 after commissions for a profit of $925.
    2) On 10/3/02, the margin availability freed up by getting out of BAC was used for two mini-investments. irst of all, 16 contracts of the AIG May 23-strike naked puts were wold for $53 apiece. 16 weeks later on 1/24/13, they were bought back for $8 each. Net profits after commissions came to $680.
    The other investment on 10/3/12 was to sell 10 TEVA 32.50-strikes expiring in Jan. 2014. The puts were sold for $149 apiece but can now be bought back for just $50 apiece. Paper profits are currently $975.
    On Jan. 25, 2013, we sold 40 contracts of the F 10-strike naked puts expiring in Jan. 2014. The options were sold for $32 apiece but can now be bought back for $14 each. Paper profits currently stands at $680.
    With profits continuing to mount, there was enough margin availability on May 3 to sell 25 contracts of the JCP Jan 8-strike naked puts for $34 apiece. Just a week-and-a-half later, they can now be bought back for $26 apiece for a paper profit of $180.
    So in the ten months since inception, net profits of $3,440 have been amassed on an original cash deposit of $8,400. The nominal return for the ten-month period is 41.0% which is virtually FIFTY percent annualized.
    This is what I have earned for a NINETY year-old where safety has been emphasized.
    Those on this board are just crazy if they aren't taking advantage of my stupendous Eureka Moment. You won't be seeing this sort of thing anywhere else in print. But that doesn't meant that the returns aren't there or are "too good to be true." They ARE true.

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    • Thank you for posting a message that is of extreme importance to PFE investors and those that are considering such an investment. People like you contribute much needed knowledge to those interested in equity investment. Return to your corner and resume playing with yourself.

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      • Listen Carol or Harold or whatever your name is. Allan's postings are, in fact, important to PFE investors such as me. I, too, thank him for posting his successes. In addition to much needed knowledge for those of us interested in equity investments (as you put it), some of us are actually very interested in "put" strategy investments as well. And we learn from his postings. I can apply his strategies and knowledge to PFE and scores of other equities. So the information is relevant. What have I ever learned from you? Nothing. And we, who are interested in AJD's updates, thank you to mind your own business, and stop cluttering up this board with your predictable effluent. If you don't have an interest in his postings, just pass. In fact, just pass on replying to me. I'm not interested in what you have to say. And neither are the folks who appreciate AJD's posts.

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