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  • galantfoxjr galantfoxjr May 31, 2013 3:57 PM Flag

    To Carolharold

    In view of the recent beating that the PFE stock price has taken, has your optimistic opinion about this stock changed any? Was the sudden drop a big surprise to you?

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    • Why would a market decline that is only a week old and has affected nearly every pharma and dividend paying large cap be a cause for even the slightest concern about PFE? Perhaps there is something going on that has nothing to do with PFE. You might want to give that some thought. LMAO! It is very important for an investor to understand there are nearly an infinite number of things that can cause a price decline across the board such as we are seeing in the past week. You know what I mean, things that have nothing to do with a specific company can cause an uneducated investor to lose 2.5 times what the uneducated investor put on the line. Of course, it is only the most uneducated among investors that have the ability to lose that much. No, I am not surprised at all that the dividend payers are down. We have worries about the FED raising short term interest rates, risk averse people getting out of stocks for fixed income and a general feeling that large cap dividend payers are grossly over priced. You just have to see the big picture, failing to do so can cause 250% losses for the uneducated. Of course, you know that.

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      • You really didn't answer my two essentially yes or no questions. Do you sitll have the same optimistic opinion of PFE after it tanked about 5% over the last five days (yes or no) and was the sudden drop a big surprise to you (yes or no)? We all know that last week wasn't really a good one for any of the big pharmas. My concern as a big PFE investor is that it was indeed worst for PFE compared to its peer such as BMY, MRK, and LLY. Over the last five days BMY and MRK showed 0% net change.. Lilly lost 2% but PFE lost 5%, the undisputed heaviest loser. Let us be very clear about this. I think we are both in the same camp as far as what we would like to see happen with PFE stock so I am certainly not trying to pick on you. To the contrary, I have been reasonably impressed with your posts. I was simply asking what your reaction was to the 5% drop in the PFE stock price over such a short period of time #$%$ days.

      • I might be apart of that uneducated, but I am pretty sure you can only lose 100%. Anything past that is literally impossible :P

        But honestly, I get what you are saying, and I love the play-by-play analysis as to why the big dividend companies are getting rocked and why PFE is still PFE. Thank you for the goods.

    • Originally I failed to include that PFE paid $1.16 in dividends for 2007 versus only $0.96 slated to be paid in 2013. One could argue that 2007 PFE prices reflected a slated $1.28 to be paid in 2008. It was not until mid-2009 that PFE cut its dividend in order to stave off paying U.S. corporate income tax on re-patriated foreign earnings.

      I fully expect lower PFE prices but obviously no plugs being pulled like today. Today was like a Viagra recall.

      I would not be surprised to see PFE below $23.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • aw jeez, that carolharold tranny sure ISN'T the sharpest pope/BEAR IN THe woods. NOR THE

      i have chicken feet

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