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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Jul 2, 2013 12:25 PM Flag

    Some trivia learned on the trip

    1) Albert Einstein was living in Berne, Switzerland at the time he discovered his Theory of Relativity. His old house there has been turned into a museum.

    2) At the time of the plague in the mid-14th century, those wanting to emigrate were forced to live outside the city walls for 40 days to make sure they didn't have the disease. The Italian word for 40 is cuarenta and from that comes the word "quarantine."

    3) A runny nose and sneezing was among the earliest signs that a person was coming down with the plague. The custom of saying "gesundheit" meaning "to your good health" arose from this.

    4) The custom of shaking hands arose in Germany during medieval times as a gesture that the person had no weapons to hide and that everything was up front.

    5) The highest train station in Euriope is at about 11,700 feet and is located near the top of the Jungfrau mountain near Interlaken. I was there last Thursday. It was 27 degrees Fahrenheit and snowing hard at 1 PM in the afternoon. I also set an elevation record for standing at 12,739 feet at the top of the observation tower for the Matterhorn near Zermatt.

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    • fredrickson.loceng Jul 12, 2013 2:50 PM Flag

      Bingo!!! Colorado's Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in North America. As you would expect, the views up to Mount Evans are breathtaking, with alpine lakes, massive granite walls and stands of twisted, ancient bristlecone pine. Keep your eyes peeled for mountain goats and bighorn sheep.• As the highest paved road in North America, Mount Evans Road rises to a height of 14,130 feet above...

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      • Another poster on this board last week admitted that not all of the road to the 14,130-foot level was paved; that indeed there was a part of the road to the summit that was GRAVEL. The highest road in the U.S. that is COMPLETELY PAVED is and always has been Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, Colorzdo. The highest point on that road is about 12,150 feet. I was on that road two decades ago and only a few hundred yards from the summit when we had to turn back on account of our grossly overweight friend who began gasping for air at that high altitude.

      • The view looking east from Mt Evans summit is fantastic. You can see 115 miles east from the summit. Being a radio guy, what I thought was cool was the number of FM radio stations you can receive from the summit.

    • You're a jacka$$. Who goes on a vacation to learn trivia about the plague? Sounds like that tour guide hit some real great places. In Europe, you could visit ancient Phoenician cities, view ancient Roman or Greek artwork, and compare it to renaisance masterpieces. Not you. You visit a #$%$ country with bad food and a tour of the black death.

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      • Switzerland has "bad food?" That's certainly news to me. Obviously you haven't partaken very much of the fondues and chocolates. The great food was part of what made this such a wonderful trip.

        By the way, I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in art. I'm infinitely more interested in the origin of words and such than seeing so-called masterpieces. On my first visit to Europe in the summer of 1965, when the tour visited the Louvre in Paris, my traveling companion and I decided that we wanted no part of an art museum and so we passed up that outing in favor of visiting a locals restaurant.

        There are some things that I'm just not interested in and art ranks high on that list.

      • Only a big fat tard goes to Switzerland in the summer, unless it's for mountain climbing, but even a flight of stairs is beyond lardbelly's lame locomotion abilities.

      • People have different interests and hence go on vacation wherever their pocketbooks allow them to journey. We have those that dream about yachts, villas and rennaissance masterpieces while others walk the talk. Your educator has had five or six long holidays while you're still in your reeky cubicle mesmerized by your idol's performance. What's hilarious is that your tutor was in Baghdad and roaming the world while you were still in dad's bag. You still have so much to learn.

        Why you call your mentor by your first name is an aspersion to the highest degree. We all recall distinctly when you would use your name "Shameless Jackass" incessantly as spam for over a year and think nothing of it. You left no doubt in everyone's mind of the sick fouque you were and still is. Oddballs like you never grow up.

      • Hiya JohnBOY. How's that jealousy workin' out for ya?


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Mount Evans in Colorado is the road into the sky. Drive from 8,700 feet at Idaho Spring where you turn off Interstate 70 to 14,240 feet to the summit, and you will pass through 3 life zones, passing ancient trees, lakes and forest to the land above timberline. It can be 90 degrees in Denver and 40 degrees at the top of Mount Evans. Mountain Goats and Bighorn Sheep will greet you as you climb to the top of the world. [Google Latitude & Longitude (39.6567121, -105.59623)]

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      • 14,240 feet is the "top of the world?" Why that altitude isn't even half that of 29,000-foot Mt. Everest. What a maroon!

      • how could anyone forget pike's peak

        Rank Highway Elevation Grade Surface Route
        1 Mount Evans Scenic Byway[5] 14,160 feet
        4316 m 15% asphalt
        2 Pikes Peak Highway[6] 14,115 feet
        4302 m 8% asphalt

      • The mountain peaks in Colorado may be at over 14,000 feet but there is no road in the U.S. that will take you above the 12,739-foot level where I stood at the top of the cable car station for the Matterhorn above Zermatt, Switzerland.

        On a trip to national parks of the western states in 1993, I found myself in Rocky Mountain National Park where I learned that the highest road in the U.S. was at an elevation of just under 12,-000 feet. I was on that road and only a few hundred yards from the top when my best friend (who weighed over 350 pounds at the time) started gasping for air and so we had to turn back. I had never stood at an elevation above 11,500 feet until this trip when I was at 12,739 feet.

        By the way, the place that bills itself as "The Top of Europe" is at an elevation of about 11,800 feet and is located at the viewing platform for the Jungfrau mountain near Interlaken, Switzerland. I asked the tour guide how the place could get away with calling itself "The Top of Europe" when the Matterhorn platform was 1,000 feet higher and he told me that the Jungfrau platform was the highest TRAIN STATION on the continent whereas the top viewing platform for the Matterhorn is for cable cars and not cog-wheel trains.

        My favorite city in Switzerland is Zermatt, the mountain town at about 5,000 feet elevation that is the gateway to the Matterhorn. What a sight seeing the Matterhorn looming above that town.

    • Only a total ignoramus didn't already know those facts or supposed facts. I can't believe that even a hermit like you has never been over 13,000 feet. From the Loveland Pass parking lot at 11,990 feet amsl, you can walk to the top of 13,240-foot Mt. Sniktau. In South America, you can drive to over 15,000 feet. Pathetic lack of experience.

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      • You only show your ignorance when you post stuff like this. Because even for a world traveler like myself, it's rquite a rarity to be standing at 13,000 feet or higher unless you are a mountain climber.

        You certainly can't do it in the U.S. and you can't do it in Europe or Australia either. Only in the Andezs in South America, some sub-Himalayan areas of Nepal and some remote African locales are you likely to be at 13,000 feet or higher.

        On my trip to South Americaa 16 months ago, the tiour didn't happen to travel on roads that high.

        I daresay that maybe only 2% tops of U.S. citizens have ever stood at an elevatiion higher than I have. What a moron you are.

      • You're sooooooooooo smartl

        Missed the "CO" huh?

        Thanks for the laugh

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