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  • cna_corrupt cna_corrupt Aug 28, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

    "Tisch" translates to "table" in German

    Yah ... unt, za Tisch family believes zat zay are za new leaders of za 4th reich, a "table" vhich von't be overturned, yah. As a result of this thinking, the family embarked on it's very own "Tisch purge" which took form in Miami as Miami's "Legal Murder Ring". Along with Metzger, who provided the televisions for "the good ole Days Inn, Georgia", Tisch, Ted Turner, and Henry Silverman joined in these activities while holding down their "day" jobs. 100's of homicides upon innocent Americans are now either solved or linked to these activities. CNA is Days Inn's insurance company, while Jon Tisch is formerly head of the American Hotel Lodging Association. WOW ... and no, you probably didn't know about any of this. Maybe you've heard rumors by now about this. To date, no legal actions taken by the "authorities" - ergo/therefore, the U.S. almost has to be corrupt to mitigate these 4th reich activities originating from CNA, Loews, Days Inn, Cendant, and the Turner organization. The Tischs are corrupt - because they can.
    Included in these now solved homicides are Miami's "Hepatitis Murders" - 1 lived out of the 27 poisoned (*21 in Miami, 6 Army in Hawaii). PFE's "Interereon" is derived from that mutation. PFE stated after it's victory at the Supreme Court in October, 1990, "the guinea-pig is going to try to get his justice; this we'd (*PFE) like to see". The so-called "medical experiment" was unknown to anyone in S. Florida. To the authorities, they were flat-out homicides. Among the victims was the daughter of the editor-in-chief of the Miami Herald. The perps have been identified, but again, no follow-up. Reward monies were offerred, but you know about that already - contingent upon convicition, which is too much a lift for the courts.
    "Interferon" has sales of $5 bil/yr.. Oh well, oh well, oh well ... or, oh LOL-OL. Onwards. Corporate America under 4th reich domination, as apparently are the courts, BY DEFINITION, have NO GOOD FAITH. Yeah, this is true.

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