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  • detractor_04 detractor_04 Nov 11, 2013 5:37 PM Flag

    Chartness and his dumpy home

    Who would move to LA? Only those from a 3rd world hellhole.

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    • I live in the most desirable city in the nation factoring in the weather of course. Property values continue to rebound and houses in my neighborhood are now routinely fetching 675K. Mine would sell for close to 700 grand since I just had solar panels installed.

      If you have visions of living near where I am, make sure and bring a bulging wallet. 1,373 square feet in an upscale enclave near the LAX airport doesn't come cheap.

    • Just as the loser's betters have tried to educate the stupid, ignorant, oblivious fat slob all these years. US citizens are fleeing LA & being replaced by immigrants who are willing to work but also with the dregs of Mexico & Central America, who can't or don't want to succeed in their own countries & come here for the easy pickings. Alan should feel right at home, ie culturally comfortable, with millions of dead beat welfare cheats like the lazy bum moocher himself.

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      • I have a lot of respect for the "dregs of Mexico and Central America." They are invariably hard workers who are forced to leave family and friends behind to come here because the wages are so bad in their home countries. As for "easy pickings," maybe you would like picking fruit in 100-degree heat for the minimum wage if that and few benefits.

        Just to get here, most of these Latinos are forced to risk their very lives. Needless to say, my perspective on these people is far far different from yours but of course I live here and know the truth. Thank your lucky stars that you weren't born in say a poor village in Oaxaca, Mexico. How dare you diss those who are only trying to improve their lot.

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