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  • magooberbarry magooberbarry Dec 8, 2013 8:05 AM Flag

    Face it Obama has zero leadership skills. When asked a ??? his answer I don't know. Is that a leader?


    No question, it's tough on Barack Obama. But what about the rest of us? For many Americans, the Obama leadership meltdown began five years ago.

    In fall 2008, the U.S. suffered its worst financial crisis since the Depression. That wasn't Barack Obama's fault. But five years on, in the fall of 2013, the country's economy is still sick.

    Unemployed middle-aged men look in the mirror and see someone who may never work again. Young married couples who should be on the way up are living in their parents' basement. Many young black men (official unemployment rate 28%; unofficial rate off the charts) have no prospect of work.

    Washington these days kvetches a lot about what is doing to the Obama "legacy." Far worse than ObamaCare, though, is that the 44th president in his second term presides over a great nation that is punching so far below its weight that large swaths of its people have lost heart.

    For five years, news stories have chronicled the social and economic deterioration in America of people with no jobs or weak jobs.

    Here's a headline over a Gallup report: "In U.S. Fewer Believe 'Plenty of Opportunity' to Get Ahead."

    Two from The Wall Street Journal recently: "Parents Serving as Emergency Support for Adult Kids," and "Workers Stay Put, Curbing Jobs Engine."

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