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  • pebble.ubetcha pebble.ubetcha Dec 15, 2013 5:38 PM Flag

    my gawd PINOCCHIO (breaking silence)

    isn't it obvious to you that no one (NO ONE) cares about what you're doing with jcp or whatever?
    they care less about what you're doing than what i'm doing. it's a new day and the only reason i'm posting this msg to you is to make it obvious.

    it's especially obvious that no one cares about you because the only reason you post is to post about YOURSELF!!!!

    you're out of pfe, so why don't you spend your time on the boards of the stocks in which you're involved?

    or are you afraid that your reception on those boards will be as unfavorable on those as your participation on every other board on which you've participated?

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    • It's not at all obvious to me, Shovel Ready. How can folks here continue to see these fabulous returns on JCP and not eventually be interested?

      As far as I know, Daniels Options Consulting is the only firm in the nation that offers actively-managed very deep out-of-the-money naked put investments in private accounts for a modest fee. I am wrapping up a three-year stretch were I am AVERAGING returns of FIFTY percent a year with none of the three years being below 42%. How can folks NOT be interested in THAT?

    • aw jeez... i just realized how obvious my posts are.

      sharted today!!!

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