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  • moosecalf moosecalf May 13, 2014 7:48 AM Flag

    Pfizer to screw long term shareholders with an AZN deal

    As a very long term shareholder of PFE (now really only own the stock for the div. as it has lost it's mojo), along with other long term shareholder will get hosed by being forced to realize the long term capital gain tax if a merger with AZN happens. I sure hope this deal does not materialize as I do not want to have to cough up the cash to have the privilege to keep this mediocre stock. If you are a longer term investor with PFE in a taxable account you should be outraged.

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    • We are getting screwed !!! CNBC should do a story on those drawing short sticks here. IAN Read,Ceo, management and AZN shareholders are the only ones being rewarded. Many Pfizer shareholders are being financially punished and will receive nothing in return, but misery and a huge tax bill. This is a stick in the eye to Pfizer shareholders and the US government. They need to fix the tax code now !

    • blair.wagner May 13, 2014 7:53 AM Flag

      IF what you stated is true then think most of us would agree. At this point in time the egos have taken over
      and they will try to complete this "deal" at any price they have to pay,just to prove a point. This management
      have been reckless with their shareholders' money, the deal is a lousy one from the start and they should just
      call it off. Would be happy to join any lawsuit against this management.

      Sentiment: Hold

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