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  • wbwsdw wbwsdw Dec 10, 1997 8:25 AM Flag

    Status of Erectile Dysfunction Product

    What do you think the approval of Pfizer's product Viagra will have on Vivus'product called MUSE(alporstadil)? Do you think the stock price of Vivus will fall?

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    • Imagion an intimate evening proceeding with washing down a viagra with the last wine and ending an hour later the old fashioned way verses the same scenario BUT turning on the lights when things get going, finding the syringe, getting your glasses on and stopping everything and gritting your teeth until you carefully make an injection. Then, what? Make an embarrassed explanation and try to pick up where you left off?

      No question in my mind!!! Viagra wins 100% of the time for those who respond to it. I doubt anyone will use the alternatives if they can use viagra. It should impact the market, and MUSE will be left for those who do not respond to viagra.

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      • Never mind just MUSE. There are will be cream application in the not too distant future using the same drug that muse uses. It will be more effective than VIAGRA and it will work almost 4 times faster.

        On top of that The placebo response was way to high for viagra almost 40% in Phase II. Alprostadil placebo effect <20%.

        On top of that NIH recommends using the least invasive treatment first. I got new for you, a gel directly applied and absorbed throught the skin is less invasive than a systemic drug. Alprostadil using products will be the long term beneficiaries of Pfizer marketing efforts at the GP and consumer levels.

        Anyway, thats what I think.

      • I've yet to have a problem in that department, but the way you describe it, in addition to other stuff I've read about the "syringe treatment" really makes me queasy. You're absolutely right. Viagra is definitely a more appealing alternative.

        What are the expectations for viagra in the way of profits for PFE? I've heard estimates that the problem affects 20-40 million men in the U.S. alone--no wonder there's so much violent crime--, many or most of whom are embarrassed to seek treatment. I've heard that PFE expects to see $200 billion! in revenue from viagra sales in 1998 alone. Any info? This is a great stock.

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