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  • CPQinsider CPQinsider Dec 31, 1997 2:36 AM Flag

    pfe 2

    I get a woody just looking at my PFE gains, who needs Viagra.

    • i "replied" to message #47 to see if the "old"
      mssgs had all the "new look".

      The visual effect
      is lousy -- and it's like leafing through a book
      where the text is only on the lower left hand 1/4th of
      the page ---

      The "messages"....they look
      crowded-out by the ads at the top, the "Pfe Snapshot", and
      the sheer repetition on each mssg of "ignore" "abuse"
      ...and all the clutter....
      subliminally it's a
      negative. Further, the damn ease with which a "reply" is
      (ie "RE: such and such") ...the struggle to create
      one's own caption is gone know . There was a
      freewheeling flow to the board, and the messages were the
      prominent visual part and the prominent "affective" part of
      the page.
      The "affect" is altogether different.
      The experience is different. The "messages" are sort
      of obscured, dwarfed etc by the format. In
      advertising, you can spot this flaw easily ( the
      message/product is obscured by too much clutter). I have elderly
      neighbor who abandoned her "Readers Digest" subscription
      for lack of wanting to fight through all the
      advertisements etc. (Ages ago the "Readers Digest" vowed they'd
      never place advertisements upon their pages. She is
      still hoping they'll reconsider ehaha, and i told her
      about the recent changes in the Yahoo message boards.
      She was empathetic. So was I. eha)
      GT, good grief.
      The work of art, the ongoing banter, pissing matches
      (great background btw), the OT humor, the soap
      opera/'s gone. It was hard enough to keep some continuity
      going without the above-described distractions. Yahoo
      boards were unique from the other stock message boards
      A clone of the Raging Bull boards? Good Grief,
      Charlie Brown. What's your take, GT (or anyone else)?
      Meanwhile, Orion is stuggling to his feet
      off the Eastern
      horizon signaling his rise into Fall and Winter. A
      beautiful night. Goodnight GT.
      *PS . Were you able to
      s-e-e this message? Did you spot this message, GT? : )

      • 1 Reply to secretaaaaagent
      • I think it is the GD relentless "SnapShot" (read:
        chinese water torture) that finally broke me. Do they
        think we cant get a fing delayed quote on our own?

        SHHRRRIIIIEEEEEKKKING H....give Molly back her Readers Digest and give
        us back our.... : ) : )

        ** and all
        the while some of the old regulars are making up wild
        tales to excuse their yeah SURE jk160
        went to Las Vegas on a 2 week vacation, and LadySpirit
        just happened to need to go to Canada. And
        oh yeah sure i know i know she's been shopping for a
        month. And suddenly (out-of-the-blue!) our own
        free-spirit Prov40 is taking his career seriously. Tell me
        another one. And Thong (he is an artist, dammit) clearly
        recognizes he's far too good for this board now. TC must
        have seen the writing on the wall. Hilly, hi there and
        goodnight or morning. : )

    • Hello from Idaho, I guide on the Henry's Fork and its good to hear from another fly fisherman. Best of luck, headed to Island Park in an hour. Holding my shares of PFE

    • good weekend you. :)

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      • It appears that Viagra is on track to be a 1
        billion dollar plus drug for Pfizer. Is anyone here at
        all concerned that the second generation PDE 5
        inhibitor (IC351)currently heading into phase III testing
        from Lilly/Icos will erode market share down the road.
        I know PFE has a great sales force. I know they
        have a significant head start. But, IC351 appears to
        exhibit greater specificity, a shorter time to onset, no
        retinal interaction( vision),less headaches and
        flushing and reduced interaction with nitrates. Is PFE
        working on a new formulation to keep up? And if so will
        the company have to undertake long-term toxicity
        studies before FDA approval?

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