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    • I believe on CNBC someone said that one of the side effects of the injectible and suppository is a lower desire. That would definitely be a thumbs down. Viagra doesn't have this problem.

    • Injectables and suppositories are probably more efficaious in erectile dysfunction---but how come the users gradually drift
      away from using these after a while? There are nuisance factors such as lack of spontaniety, burning and pain with the
      suppositories, the occasional priapsim {prolonged erection that becomes painful} necessitating a trip to the emergency room, scarring of
      the penis after multiple injections may occur, and even a cost factor. The oral drugs are not going to be the panacea or the
      fountain of youth but at least it is not fraught with many side effects..Certainly more research on these products are needed and
      should be pfe stock to go up to the surprise of the naysayers.

    • Injectable dosage forms and suppositories for impotence drugs are not other companies problems. The reason for the change to injectables and suppositories are that more drug efficacy is obtained without the problem of sytemic side effects.

    • about dumping competitors problems onto Viagra. I'm sure the competition is already talking to doctors and pharmacists about why their own product had to go the injectable route for approval. Also give some credit to the 50+ drugs in the pipeline. Investors have had 10-15 years watching Pfizer increase R&D and hone its's research process. Long Term investors who keep the rudder steady will reap future rewards. If your looking for the quick buck-you knew the risk when you bought the stock.

    • I have held PFE for 6 years now and have made a hell of a return.
      For those individuals who critic PFE's p/e, you do have valid reasoning. PFE has been a consistent growth company which has not dissapointed quarterly earnings or stock dividend payback during may 6 year holding period. I agree PFE'S p/e is relatively high but look at the probable reasoning for it. PFE total sales pushing 12 billion for "97", profits totaling almost 2 billion
      and r/d almost 2 billion. Trovan's approval should create a 1 billion dollar addition to PFE arsenol. Dofetilide; an
      antiarrythmic, should go before FDA this year and fetch 1 billion in sales. The sales individuals that call in my region are expecting
      launch of Viagra in early May which means possible approval as early as second half of March or early April. It has already been
      established that total market capital for such a drug can exceed 10 billion dollars. Market share for Viagra could exceed 50 percent or
      more. This point along with the above mentioned drugs could potentially double PFE's total sales. Several brockerage firms in my
      region have a year-end target price of 96-98/share. The p/e on PFE is elevated due to the anticipation of the above projections.
      PFE has the ability to double in total sales, profits and budgeted research within 2-3 years due to the above mentioned drugs.
      is a spectacular company with an excellent work-force. For all you Viagra and PFE doubters' when was the last time PFE had a drug rejected by the FDA. If Viagra did not prove its efficacy, it would not have been presented to the FDA. If PFE has not proven itself, PFE would not carry such high rating amongst brockerage
      houses nationwide and certainly not carry such an elaborate 12 month stock price..........96-98. PFE doubters should relax, buy some for themselves and watch their investment grow as I have.

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      • Lets see, if I buy at 81 and it goes to 98 by the year end then
        I make around 20 %.

        Thats not very much profit. Do not get me wrong I am very interested in PFE. Right now I am weighing my options and that
        number is not helping.

        I am new to stock buying so that might explain my questions and concerns at 20 % gain. I was basicly a mutual fund person prior to november.

        Since then some of the stocks I have bought have gone up way
        over 20 % in three months (i.e. Dell 60 %, WLA 40 %,
        INTEL 24 %, ... ).

        To take a risk on a stock that has a PE over 40 and close to 50, I would hope to gain atleast 50 %. Do you think that is possible ??? There appears to be a high risk on a stock that has those new drugs already reflected in its price. I saw what happened to WLA when it had one bad report. It since has regained its losses plus more.

        Do you recommend buyng now or waiting. Am I crazy to look for greater than 30-40 percent gains. What I just lucky with the other stocks ???

    • I've heard the PFE salesforce is going to a launch meeting for Viagra in early May. Look for fast FDA fast-track approval then.

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