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  • mktgrn mktgrn Mar 3, 1998 6:31 PM Flag

    Time to bail ? ?

    Don't think so....just the typical pullback after a merger-mania run-up in the added selling by the split chasers who didn't get their MRK split. They'll all be back in less than 20 trading days. Still worried ?? Then check out the 5-Year PFE Chart...It works for me .....

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    • Is it mkt or mtkelly???

    • f2000,
      The question was " What are some of your 20%+ winners for the year?" I know the question was for some one else. I just thought to put my two cents worth. For your info" Boy" PFE is a lot more then a $70.00 stock. There is no reason to be upset at me if you lost. Yes, thank you, I am a fool with $40.000 profit just on one pick. Geesh!!

    • "Bought at 53 cents and sold for $5.00." You fool! This is a $70 stock.

      Why don't you post that info on another board please.
      This is the PFE board.

    • The best investment that I ever made. Bought 8000 shares of a small oil company ( AIPN) in june 1997 @ $.53 - yes--->53 cents. Sold it at $ 5.00. few months after. This has to be once in a life time opportunity.

    • This weeks pull back has diminished my 20%+ list somewhat. Most of these have been mentioned by other posters. KMart-27.7%,
      Intel-23.1%, Vical,Inc-30.2%, Cantab Pharm-17.5%, Applied Materials-17.1%, Pfizer-14.2%, Lilly-(-9.6%). As of 3/4/98. All but Lilly have been above the 20% level sometime in 1998.
      1997 growth 56.73%. I buy and sell KMart,Cantab,Vical,AMAT. I buy and hold Pfizer, Lilly, Intel. What are some of the other good strategies being used by these readers. I realize this is a Pfizer forum and primarily Pfizer discussion, however a person's input to this forum is often determined not only by why you own this company but also the rest of your investment mix. Just my opinion

    • Agree PFE is a coar holding. I've held PFE since 1994 nad only have a 15% YTD return. Also have ABT, JNJ, LLY, MRK, SBH, SGP. We are all getting older and healthcare is a coar holding. Diversification in other sectors has produced great returns: techs: AMAT, CSCO, CPQ, DELL, INTC, MSFT; W. Buffett favorites: BRKA, KO, G; oil service: FLC, GLBL, GLM, VRC. Some other wishful winners. What are some of your 20%+ winners for the year?

    • Thanks for the info on Chiron. I know they are without a CEO and have lots of management problems. I've had my shares for some time and think of them as a troubled child - a part of me wants to give it more time. I guess I'm making the mistake of being emotional. Just hate to "give up" on what I thought was promising. Thanks again.

    • Thanks for the comments on P/E. I agree that it is not the only measure of a stocks value. I only get concerned when it is
      way out of the expected range. With regard to Chiron, I have worked with them off and on for many years. I recently sold my
      stock, but continue to hold some options for consulting work I did in the early 90's. They are hampered by Ciba breathing down
      their necks (now Novartis)....will they continue to function as a stand alone company or will the rest be bought by Novartis? The
      latter consideration is the reason I hang on to my options. Frankly, their management and research direction is quite confused at
      this point and I have a lot of trouble understanding what they really want to do (short term to encourage getting bought out vs.
      long term to create value). Some of their subsidiaries are completely lost without this direction (e.g., Viagene hasn't a clue
      what to do right now and is simply spending money). Not really my place for new money right now.

    • Anyone who is even considering "bailing out" bought this terrific company for the wrong reasons. You either buy it as a long
      term investor or you buy it to trade. If you bought it to trade and want to take profits-go ahead and take some crums off the
      table. Just don't let your broker get all your profit. It's uncanny how this stock fluctuates over a 30 day period. If you are an
      investor and have accumulated a little more cash you cheer for this thing to drop a little more so you can buy more stock. But
      "bailing out"? What are you afraid of? Pardon me for being a little sarcastic but it's entertaining to sit back, watch this message
      board, and discover who has studied what they bought and who has bought this stock because of hype. I just hate to see some of you
      get shook up about natural stock market behavior and pass up your chance to build real wealth-the old-fashioned way.

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