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  • dandy95959 dandy95959 Mar 4, 1998 12:13 PM Flag

    split to spin

    In leiu of a stock-split why not a nice, comfortable spin-off to shareholders of MTG?

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    • How is this comment connected with the price of Pfe stock? This stimulated commentator has not taken Econ 101 yet; judges femininity and performance with good looks (big mistake); overlyconcerned about coitus (or the lack of it) and has never heard of Viagra. Intellectual constipation mmmmmmm? Quit cluttering up this message center with MM and get down to the business of this great company.

    • Interesting site that does Sector Analysis, follow the Risk Analysis link!

    • A few days ago I bragged on the Merck board that comments on the Pfizer board (I own both) were intelligent and relevant. Don't force me to go back there and apologize.

    • Motorola down 4 in after hours trading. INTC down 12 in after hours trading. Impact on market? A 90+ point drop. Tomarrow? Probably another drop. More of these warnings are coming. You can count on it and its substantial effect on this "bull" market.

      I believe these and other developments will work out something like this:

      (1) PFE is in for volitility, along with the rest of market. May get down to 80-82 or as high as 89. No huge drop expected.

      (2) As more warnings come, the market has a substantial downfall. During this time, investors will look for strong fundamental companies with lower PEs, etc. PFE may look risky to some investors, but many experienced investors buy. (hence, less volitility than rest of market). I think this will be sector-wide.

      (3) Following the present volitility, earnings reports will come out. When PFE announces, it and other drug stocks will be seen as a more than a safe haven. It'll look like a core long AND short term winner.

      (4) Late March, Viagra hits... price rockets higher. Possible fears of potential side effects of the drug have 1 or 2 possible effects: (1) it decreases the initial burst in share price (though not too substantially), OR (2) after initial burst, side effect concerns cast a shadow which keeps price in check though high for some time (due to fears being substantiated by proof).

      Of course this is just my opinion, but I am fully committed to this stock. I would suggest "buying on dips" to be your motto coming up. Earlier messages have stated this point and I'm merely emphasizing it. I really do believe a bigger dip is yet to come due to these warnings and overall instability in the market. I'm looking to buy a substantial amount @82/share.

      my 2 cents


    • I for one love menapause and not caring too much about sex. ...Sure ..There's side effects from every drug, just like there are from having sex with someone... I'm real sensitive about it, myself... how can you trade off possible side effects... the right person would probably get you off, anyway... at least i think so.. don't take chances with your health, man!

    • Even if it makes my teeth fall out and my wife throw up, GIVE ME A CASE OF THIS STUFF.

    • An MTG spin-off with shareholders getting some of the benefit is a great idea. Just like Lilly and Guidant. I wish I had bought Guidant when Lilly spun it off.

      Give the MTG management a free Pfizer, and watch the MTG business grow.

    • Hi all, I am new to the Pfizer thread. I am thinking of buying few shares today.
      I would like to know from one of the expert if it is possible.

      Does anyone one know if the FDA has approved the new drug Viagra for consumption? And If not,; approximately what would be the appreciation $<-- value for the company, once the drug becomes approved? TIA

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