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  • sheath37 sheath37 Mar 10, 1998 6:38 PM Flag

    Viagra coverage

    The big concern was not so much that Viagra has side effects (only few and very minor noted) but that there may be a smaller market than expected. Although health groups will try to avoid paying for Viagra, they may not be able to avoid it. Kaiser has said it would reimburse only 50% of cost and Health Net is trying to squeeze out of use for "medical necessisity;" by calling it possibly recreational.

    However, "if you look at the scientific data on the pill, and you know how it works, you will see there is no recreational aspect to this at all," said Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan, Director of the Male Clinic. Viagra, he added, "is not an aphrodisiac."

    The pill is estimated to cost from $10 to $20 a pill. Expensive - but less than Muse at $130 for six doses and much more acceptable.

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    • We follow the news on Viagara, and it is possible there may be something less than enthusiastic acceptance......however, remember there are jillions of people out there who are not aware of nor do they know the name of Viagara.....
      Boy, wait til they find out!!
      In the meantime, I am hocking the jewels.
      I relate the interest in this to the number of posts relating to same......check some of the other stuff...nowhere close.


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