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  • dandygem dandygem Mar 21, 1998 11:37 PM Flag

    What if?

    what if the big "V" is not approved or is regulated to the status of "more data is needed?" do we suddenly become dysfuntional - droping over the edge are only recourse. Come, now, my fellow PFE'eers, please keep "calm" and wait till all of the "T's" are crossed and "sigs" in place.

    remember Santa is very busy even this time of the year. By the way what every happened to the "spin-off" idea for MTG?

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    • You are a Lying Ass Dog Pfizer never opened at 99 it never got to 99 it got as high as 97 1/2! it seems to me that YOU are a fucking dildo!

    • never hit 99 duhhhh

    • Viagra Falls or is it Niagra FAlls...slowly i turn , step by
      step, inch by moe and curly go at it again from 1930s
      3 stooges skit.

      From my sources....Viagra did not get on FDA list for approval
      end of this quarter, this is despite PFE asking it to be
      put on the accelerated 6 month approval process last September.
      The six month time period is coming to an end and so is this stock's spectacular least for the short term.

      This stock is looking like a super short right now.
      (1) Even if FDA approves, it's the old buy on rumor sell on
      news bit.
      (2) If the news is negative, or delayed, the stock will fall
      faster, farther, and stay down longer.
      Take a good gander at those April 90 puts boys............
      and for longer term types, go out to the fall puts. This stock
      is in the penthouse, and floors 75 through 92 haven't been
      re-inforced yet. Where's a good building contractor when you need one..hey vinnie...ged ova' to Wall Street and bring da
      briks an' morta'......

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      • If you want to short lets make a deal before mkt opens tommorow. sell some pfizer to me please. i am ready to give you the higest price of friday which is close to 93. i expect to hear from you soon.

      • Bulls**t - What are your "sources"... You don't know anything... just trying to protect your own shorts - stop trying to influence by posting misleading, bogus info.

      • So which one of the previous two posters is a liar? Number 1, Number 2, or could it be both. If anyone has facts, please post.

        p.s. News releases last week did suggest that approval could come as early as next week or next month. don't let short hype scare you away from the facts of the drug, and more important, the company. If short sellers have facts, please give information and sources. Likewise for posters claiming to be on fda approval boards. Credentials would help. Don't turn the usual high quality posts found on the PFE board into a tech trash-talking site. I can find that at dell,cpq,iom if I need it.

        Chris Ray

    • Larry after you get done pounding your chest on PFE ck out Possis Medical (Poss.). 3 Great products w/good news frm FDA on
      Blood clot removal system vs drugs. Bill@yr. $$$ potential .New relationshil W/Sol.Smith Barn. could mean near future takeover by
      big Hitters.New mktg.effort just underway in Europe W/Bax. on their artificial artery product for bypass surgery. I think with
      time this is a major upside move. Approvals expected in nxt. 3 to 4 months on several fronts W/FDA. I Like what I see. Let me
      know how you see it after your group out!!

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