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  • whyme5 whyme5 Apr 3, 1998 12:37 PM Flag

    Entry point??

    Have been watching this board and stock for a while. would like to get in. Any idea as to a good entry point. Any technical supports? Thanks in advance.

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    • Good to hear from you. Thanks for the info.
      Great Company.

    • Here at long last are some answers to the questions you asked me earlier this month. Sorry for the delay.

      Yes, I was with the MPM division & was originally based at the R&D center in Easton, PA. (Started there as a Research
      Chemist in 1973 fresh out of graduate school. Figured I'd only stay for a couple of years, but soon learned what a great company
      Pfizer was and never left!) I'm now working out of Bethlehem, PA (where we acquired another research lab in 1989). JP Valles is
      still the CEO of our company (Minerals Technologies Inc.) and has been since we split off from Pfizer. I don't know his E-mail
      address, but I'll try to get it for you next time I talk to him.

      He is indeed a financial genius and did a lot for Pfizer's Wall Street standing during his tenure with the company. He is a strong believer in pricing a product at it's true value. (Easier to do, of course, with a unique patent protected drug product!) I suspect he had his share of input as a Pfizer board member into Viagra's price. (Imagine the Board discussions about how much good sex is worth?)

      I'm glad things worked out so well for you with early retirement and all. Pfizer stock has been good to me also . . . it bought me a vacation home in Cape Cod about five years ago and has now made continued employment entirely optional from here on. (The power of small amounts of money invested over a long period of time in a growth engine like Pfizer is awsome, is it not?)


      Pformer Pfizerite

      (P.S. As my atonement to others on the thread who had to wade through this "chatty" message, I will be a posting a little later about the Pfizer Shareholder's meeting today. I decided to take a bus ride to New York to sit in. It was interesting, but more about that later.)

    • Increases parasympathetic (erection) and decreases sympathetic(ejaculation) Can cause anxiety and a "spaced feeling. It works. Does not increase desire.

    • Thanks for your reply. Yes the stock could go lower. This is happening for a couple of reasons. Mostly though, the market overall is taking a licking, specially the medical side. Having said that, PFE will reach 120 (if it has not split before than) within the next 60 days, watch it! during the remainder of 1998 the stock will be up 30+ % - it will surpass Merck! Good luck everyone.....


    • The fact that you are on St. John' Wort just documents your profile. It's a good alternative; the Germans use it extensively for their patients. In view of the fact that you are knowledgeable in alternative medicine and herbology why would you need Viagra? Or, do you still use powdered rhino horn or yohibine?

      Allah barabar orsun

    • whatever you want, that you and oldjetfighter are one and the same, but you haven't the moxie to fess up, you phony.

      Do not hurry back.

    • PFEman,
      Yes, I think that your right about the posting on this board.There is some very good information presented and I will do as you have suggested,I will trim the fat.
      How do you feel about the market in general.It's not like PFE is alone,the whole drug sector is taking a hit.WLA,MRK,also got it.If this market slide continues PFE may lose more ground before we get any good news to help us.
      Im a option trader and holding June 85's,that are deep in the money.But that could change in a hurry if the market continues to get hit.
      What are your feelings.

    • have different types of drugs that compete with Viagra. Vivus (VVUS), a pretty small company, is one of them. They received approval last fall sometime to market theirs, but was completely overshadowed by PFE and its announcement.

    • somebody missed their afternoon nap and got terribly cranky.

      >^-.-^< Ciao!

    • Touche'

      You said it perfectly it's a shame that a couple of asses have to ruin what otherwise could be a useful thread.

      MN you needn't bother to reply because i've become so disgusted
      with you and your asshole buddy that i've found another message
      board to surf.

      Good luck to all decent investors except MN and flaccid flarity.

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