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  • William_C_Steere William_C_Steere May 10, 1998 7:41 PM Flag

    To PFE Shareholders

    Let's be honest.

    Our stock is overpriced
    to the hilt. I love this company but let's get real,
    PFE is trading at over 50 to 60 times 1998 earnings.
    We should expect PFE to gravitate towards its true
    investment value over the long term and I think it is safe
    to say that it definitely is not 50 to 60 times

    Your comments are appreciated.

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    • It is my thought that those of us with scripts
      should be stocking up on V. If I am right, and Pfizer
      totally underestimated the demand, and pre-release
      stockpiles are being used up, there could be a shortage on
      Viagra. My doctor warned me in NOVEMBER that there would
      be a run on Viagra that will produce a black-market
      and lead to robberies at pharmacies. Has anyone on
      this board any idea, what-so-ever, of Pfizer's
      production capability for Viagra? 300,000 scripts equal at
      least 3,000,000 pills per week, and that counts only
      domestic sales. What is there production capacity??? I'm
      sure they won't voluntarily tell. Inquiring minds want
      to know.


    • Just read your post from this A.M. Very through
      and insightfull.

      The refill rate will be
      slower and undoubtedly a lot of the pills are "stacking
      up" with people who love the drug and don't ever want
      to run short. (I have two refills from different
      pharmacies and don't ever plan to run low.)

      this is going to take awhile for people to get used
      to. I have had a second lady now tell me that she is
      not sure that she likes the idea. The result is
      noticible and interesting at first but then they start to
      think about it (darn) ane wonder if the drug somehow
      lessens the situation somehow or reflects on them. I uses
      an "eyeglasses" and "makeup" metaphor trying to
      assure her that it did not reflect badly on her at all
      but I am not sure it is working and may be creating
      bad feelings by continuing usage.

      Anyone have
      any similar problems? Female viewpoints?

    • I appreciate all the support in my debate with
      Mark_Clem. I had to leave last night. It has been an
      interesting debate but I do have other things to do. To those
      who consider the exchange boring, sorry.

      seems that most of the "facts" relied upon by Mark_Chem
      are from a company which would be a competitor of
      posts on their board. The undeniable fact, however, is
      that PFE is still NO. 1!!

      I'm out of here to
      make a few honest bucks; gotta pay for the Viagra.

    • What about those holding June calls? Any feel for the near term prospects for a tick up in the price? Thanks for your feedback.

    • Here is my take on why it PFE price is holding

      1 60%+ of stock is held by institutions. They need
      to be somewhat conservative in their purchases.
      The number of analysts rating Pfizer a stong buy has
      DECREASED in the last 2-3 months.
      3 While the Viagra
      numbers look great, neither IMS, NDC or Pfizer can infer
      what the true numbers will be. This is especially true
      for Pfizer which has legal responsibilities to

      I believe they are all still waiting

      a-unknown side effects
      b-higher than expected numbers of
      known side effects
      c-better sense of true usage.
      Refills at this point could also mean that the same
      person is refilling and then shipping them overseas.
      Same for initial usage. Even if it is working for
      someone, they may decrease there usage as the new pattern
      of normal response becomes part of their daily

      On the PLUS side it almost feels like a car when you
      rev the engine but the car is in neutral - this is
      why we are seeing high volumes. BUT when the
      car/Pfizer is finally put into "Drive" then watch

      Once enough people are comfortable that the numbers
      are solid, that's when I suspect the price will start
      to rise again with breaks for profit taking.

      When will this be ? It could be early July when Q2
      earnings are announced and management makes comments. If
      Pfizer has a periodic analyst briefing before then and
      management has good things to say that will help. Also, if
      IMS or NDC make a statement on usage patterns that
      could impact the price. And let's not forget overseas
      approval which I think is still months

      Finally, as many others have pointed out, Viagra is just
      one drug (though it could be the BIGGEST) and once
      the next drug is approved in June we will also see a

    • put it where it'll do the most good---on the
      stinker board....

      I'm so sick and tired of hearing
      about your touted product....take it back where you
      came from....where all those numbers

      By the way, how many PFE posters clutter up your
      other board?

      I apologize to the loyal PFErs for
      cluttering up their board.

    • I am concerned about pump and dump there too. I
      am not in it for that purpose. After the expected
      "pump" I expect the "dump" to take 25 % off the high but
      SNTKY's price will still be higher.

      Ultimately the
      expected fundamental developments - UK approval for
      Invicorp or partnership with large pharma company - will
      drive the price.

      END OF TRUCE....

      I refer
      you to Pro Senetek's last three posts. Viagra simply
      is not a cure all and does not help in severe cases.
      As for the needle, local delivery is best in acute
      or severe medical cases. Would you take a systemic
      painkiller like an aspirin to have a tooth pulled? No, you
      get a local delivery of Novacaine. The delivery
      system is not an issue when you consider the magnitude
      of the problem.

      You also saw the post
      explaining that Viagra's "overall 70 percent effectiveness"
      means "somewhat less than 70%". Dr. Hackett's Invicorp
      study reports 83% "erection suitable for sexual
      intercourse". It appears that Invicorp has greater efficacy. I
      think that when you factor Viagra's side effects into
      the equation that 50% of the market is still open to

      If you are on the SNTKY board again I
      refer you to the following posts: 1577, 1726, 1769,
      2183, 2214, 2225, 2260, 2299, 2442, 24560, 2466, 2569,
      2573, 2589, 2596, 2612, 2788, 2849, 2850, 2876, 2886,
      2945, 2947, 2962, 3096, 3224, 3349, 3365, 3370, 3435,
      3531, 3534, 3965, 3975.

    • Nonsense! It isn't possible that Pfizer has
      geared up adequate production to supply the domestic
      market's demand. I believe that they are using stockpiled
      Viagra that was manufactured before the drug's release,
      and that they are as surprised as the rest of the
      experts, who don't suffer from ED, by the exploding demand
      for Viagra. This may lead to a shortage of Viagra
      pills unless they have more manufacturing capability
      that my doctor thinks that they have. And, they
      haven't had any GLOBAL SALES yet. 300,000 sales per week
      will pale in comparison to the GLOBAL SALES. THINK

      I too am surprised that PFE hasn't continued to
      rise in the past two weeks. I can't begin to
      understand it.


    • USA TODAY had a great pie chart last Friday
      showing that Viagra has already captured about 96% of the
      ED drug market. I believe it. No gel, and certainly
      no injection, will appeal to users like the pill
      will. Debate about STINKY and VIVUS or any other
      company is moot, at this time, pending any truly new

      I am a Viagra user. It worked all three
      times that I used it, and without any noticable
      side-effect. Of all of the people using Viagra and who have
      posted to this board, only two reported any problem with
      the 50mg dose, and one of those reported great
      success with the 100mg dose. I suspect that the success
      rate is actually much higher than 70%. I heard a
      urologist from the University of Nebraska Medical Center
      speak on a radio show for 1/2 hour and he stated that
      Viagra is usually successful on even the toughest (I
      almost said hardest) ED cases, including spinal injury
      cases and parapalegics. However, Viagra does work only
      with sexual stimulation. If the brain isn't
      aroused--no erection. Some men may have tried Viagra who were
      no longer being sexually aroused by their partners.
      If a tree falls in the forest??? Some of the
      failures may have been men of great age who hoped to
      regain their virility but who may have lacked the other
      hormones necessary to allow ANY product to work. I tried
      MUSE, and all it did for me was cause me pain. No


    • STOP your pi--ing contest about SNTKY.Its boring and worthless

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