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  • qwertykeys26 qwertykeys26 May 25, 1999 8:10 AM Flag

    PFE on CNBC 3

    Amanda Grove, from Instinet, covered PFE, EGRP,
    this morning. A synopsis of the report is linked to
    the CNBC Specials page at

    • Wonder if you understand English...
      When did I
      say 110 is a great buy???
      Read my lips; you idiot

      100 is the bottom and it is likely to bounce
      to 110.... Do you get it !!!!

      I think you
      should change your name to shortonbrain

    • Hi JK,

      Nice job with the imposter. Thanku
      for your support. Once again,
      it was the same old
      tired liberal rhetoric. Dont they know

      -most people on welfare are white
      -you dont have to
      be a republican to be a conservative
      -the top 1%
      of wage earners pay more than 50% of the tax
      -the FBI/ATF murdered Randy Weavers wife, son and dog
      in Ruby Ridge with a "Shoot to Kill" order (can you
      believe that?) and so on, and so on?

      You'll notice
      they only discuss right wing wackos but never the left
      wing wackos such as John Wilkes Booth, George Wallace,
      tree huggers that SPIKE old growth, Green Peace, Lee
      Harvey Oswald, The Sierra Club and everyones favorite,
      The Uni/a bomber. And lets not forget The Baby
      Murderers but thier ok as long as they have Doctor
      preceeding their sir name. These same doctors were also
      spitting on Vietnam Vets and calling them baby killers a
      mere 30 yrs ago. "The Village" is just full of
      "Doctors". Seems to me thats a big part of the problem. Too
      many elitist telling everyone else how they should
      live thier lives. I thought liberalism was about
      letting everyone "do thier own thing"? Like I said b4,
      is smacking us in the face and unfortunately most of
      us are too stupid to see it, however, I have faith
      that the conservative good will defeat the liberal
      evil. Just look at the merger between the Patriot and
      Reform Parties. They represent somewhere between 25-30%
      of the voting population now. The Dems and the Reps
      are both catering to them. Niether side caring who
      gets them as long as someone does because if the
      Patriots come to power again the sh*t will hit the fan.
      For those liberals that dont realize it you better
      get ready. Youve been so busy rewritting history for
      so long that you have come to actually believe your
      own BS. Your about to relive history because you have
      failed to learn it and accept it for what it is. The
      situations and circumstances that we find ourselves in today
      are exactly the same as they were then. Today we just
      have prettier names for them.

      Well enuff
      ranting over idiocy.

      I got your post on "The Kid".
      Thanx. Youve made it much easier.
      As far as his Erie
      game, at least he was able to stop the bleeding. Got to
      keep looking at the positive.
      Ya, we hope the trip
      happens. We havent been to a game in almost 2 yrs. I'm
      also going for Marinos autogragh in June. He'll be in
      Philly for the sports convention. Gonna have him sign my
      Sports Illustrated with him on the cover from his rookie
      year. Oooooooo.
      I cant wait. Sorry Not for Sale.
      That babies going to my grave with me!

      again thanku for the support. G/G. Talk to you

      And thankyou SIXERS for a great season! Cant wait
      till next year!

    • Please I need a second on my nomination of Corporal Lavia to the
      PNG List....

    • for the reminder and for picking up my slack. I
      am surprised, though, of the lack of nominations
      (and seconds) to the list - there are a few new
      posters that I would dearly love to add. However, as
      KOTS, I feel that I must remain impartial. For what
      it's worth ---

      PNG List

      1. James
      2. Henblue_40
      3. Internalfinancing
      5. pfizer_TOMCAT

      Please do not respond to
      these people.

      "Personae non grata." (i.e. to be
      ignored when they post) to get on the list a particularly
      repugnant personality would have to be nominated and
      seconded. Each time it is called for I will publish it and
      we will all know who to ignore

      Let�s not encourage them.

    • been full of sh#t. Both here and on the "other" board. You are never right and you change your story every day. Get lost.

    • it will be a sign of recovery. Otherwise, any
      rally below 105 is technical rebound and will likely to
      move lower in the following days. Expect PFE to go to
      double digits as early as this week and should hold 90
      near term if market condition does not deteriorate.
      Once PFE loses 100 support, another big drop to 90 is

      Good Luck!

    • Add what you think the worth of viagra is to it.Also throw in the most powerful research team in pharmaceuticals.
      Now tell me honestly that you are waiting for $80 to buy!

    • indicates PFE is overvalued at 105 on projected
      growth to 2000 and beyond, however based on current EPS
      for '99 stock looks fairly valued at 105. If stock
      drops to 80-85 range then it would be undervalued and a
      good buy.

      If the stock can close above 103 on
      volume higher than 7 million shares today, we might see
      a short term bounce to 110 or so.


    • >>the price is still too high for bargain
      or value hunters.<<

      So what. That's a
      backwards statement. Have you looked at PFE's consistently
      high growth rate? PFE is not, never was, and probably
      never will be a stock for "bargain or value hunters".

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