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  • beckross beckross May 26, 1999 7:49 PM Flag


    If this is good I don't understand 150 to 100 who are you kidding, who needs this type of drop.

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    • Sellers want you to buy now to absorb their
      sales. Or they want you to buy to keep the price up to
      help them with their margin accounts. Longs in PFE are
      not having a good time now. I sympathize, but I think
      I will wait this one out some more - keep my powder
      dry. I think PFE is a decent company, but it is not
      cheap enough to attract me yet.

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      • I am very long, not tall however. Am I having a
        good day? You bet I am. Everyday that I swing out of
        the bed, and either step onto the carpet, or fall
        onto the carpet is an excellent day. So, you waste
        your sympathy on this long. Thanks anyway.

        I loose sleep over PFE, I think not. Can't say that
        about other stocks I hold, but been here before, in
        fact, this is third time for me. PFE always comes back
        in a strong way.

        Who knows where Fly is? We
        are due for update on Fly Jr.


      • ?????? I think they will do fine. And if your long and sitting on the sidelines then you will miss getting on board. If your a trader O:K , but if your looking for a long term investment why wait.

    • This board has those who are long; those who are

      With the recent hype on Trovan in the midst of this
      punishing downward price trend, I am curious to hear all
      your speculations as to how low the price might go in
      the next 90 days.

      I think I will sit on an
      order at 86; and I speculate it may reach lower than
      that. It I don't buy any, so be it.

      Others are
      welcome to post.

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      • I should of bought morer today. I am watching my
        90 average of entry melt away. But I can't say it
        will go lower so if your holding long term why not buy
        now & then if it dips buy it again.
        This is just
        my opinion. I might not be caught waiting at the
        gate if I can find some more cash I will buy some now
        & then buy more if it dips again. I heard the old
        falling knife theory with Dell and fell for it and
        because of this I am forever looking at my Cpq making me
        sick. Why be greety after all this fallen knife has
        really fell quite a bit on this baby. I think at least

      • My opinion is that one should wait this one out. Too weak in price. Now, with the Trovan hype, and no telling what else, I will wait for a lower price point.

        Then I think I will go long.

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