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  • pee555 pee555 Jul 17, 1999 12:22 AM Flag

    wheres the earnings report?

    I didn't see Pfe's earnings report today. When is it supposed to be released? they said it would be friday.

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    • and they told me that the earnings would be
      announced either towards the end of last week, or early
      this upcoming week. So hopefully tomorrow, but above
      all-l don't care when they would announce them, as long
      as they announce good earnings. Been in PFE since
      1995, and plan on retiring with it-so these ups and
      downs don't really affect me (this is the only stock l
      don't trade).
      I believe that had there been
      significant probs, they would have pre-announced, thus
      avoiding the Compaq/Pfifer fiasco (remember last Q when
      compaq surprised everyone with bad earnings way too
      Regardless of the earnings, PFE is a great company, with a
      great pipeline, and nothing that they would announce
      would change my mind about selling my shares (short of
      changing buss plan or going bankrupt-God forbid).
      luck everyone

    • When does Pfizer announce earnings? I'm new to
      this stock and wonder why they didn't report earnings
      on Friday like CNBC said they would? Is there a
      problem with the number?

      Could Pfizer management
      be worried about a lower than expected EPS and be
      attempting to create time for damage control?

      This is
      a very unusual situation, can someone address why
      this is happening?

    • I did not say that the earnings would be a
      negative surpries. It can go either way. My gut feeling is
      that the EPS will be either $.19 or $.15 instead of
      $.17. You take your guess. That's why Friday was not an
      appropriate date for EPS announcement because of options
      expiration. I did not say I was going to sell my PFE shares.
      Once you own PFE over two years, the daily fluctation
      becomes a non-event.

    • Strike prices are a big deal to big investors,
      and there's
      a battle royal to keep those prices
      near strike.
      ekurich is right. Jesus, you think
      you're dealing with
      boy-scouts all the time? ekurich
      I think you made a
      plausible point.

    • Do you really think a company 150 years in
      business would delay reporting? When PFE says they report,
      they will. Reporters have to say something, so they
      pick a date out of the air. Then they keep moving the
      date, and one will hit it right. If there was something
      fishy here, it would be talk to Wall STreet.

      Sell your stock....... You would be better off. No

    • fourquarks4mastermark fourquarks4mastermark Jul 18, 1999 12:07 AM Flag

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