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  • ehwest3 ehwest3 Sep 21, 2011 9:03 AM Flag

    Deadline for Continuation Filing in Europe was 11/1/2010

    INTC may wind up with a the ownership of SVM-RFE patent in Europe and maybe other parts of the world.

    A continuation patent is called a divisional patent in Europe

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    • You may very well be correct about European property/patents but after reading our last quarterly I wonder? Our filing still indicates valuable intellectural property in regards to Europe and elsewhere yes, involving the Company’s SVM-RFE methods. Sure it looks as though HDC backed away from some of European patent ability due to the narrowing standards but I still think we have some leverage involving this area. I do hope you are wrong but again our luck to date has been nasty!

      Anyways as follows......................

      Intellectual Property Activities

      On January 19, 2011, the European Patent Office published the notice of grant of the Company’s RFE-SVM patent in the European Patent Bulletin. Validation of this patent in France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and the U.K, was completed in April 2011. The selection of countries for validation was based on published uses of RFE-SVM in research. On February 2, 2011, a new continuation application was filed including claims directed to identification of gene co-regulation patterns using unsupervised clustering. Such a method is useful when some of the data is missing labels. The parent of this application, covering the use of clustering methods for recognizing patterns in text or speech, issued later the same month. Also in February, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a notice of allowance for the Company’s patent application with claims directed to an SVM-based method for evaluating features within data that have been identified as significant by another feature selection method, providing a “second opinion” for checking the validity of previously-selected features. This application had been filed in September 2010 and issued in June 2011. In March 2011, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office issued a new Canadian patent covering the Company’s method for pre-processing and post-processing of data for enhancing knowledge discovered using a support vector machine. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office also issued notices of allowance of the Company’s pending patent applications for a method of enhancing knowledge discovered from multiple data sets using multiple support vector machines and methods for computer-aided image analysis using support vector machines. In April 2011, a new continuation application was filed covering a method for visualizing feature ranking to facilitate identification of alternative features that can be used. This method is particularly useful for biomarker discovery to enable selection of alternative but equally effective markers that may be more practically detectable than a gene that was initially identified as one of the best for distinguishing between disease and normal. The parent of this new application issued as a patent a few days later, with claims covering a web-based data mining system that utilizes multiple support vector machine models to analyze combinations of biological data of many different types to produce ranked lists of genes or proteins that may be used as biomarkers. The claims of this application had been filed to seek expanded coverage of the previously-patented system. Also in April 2011, the USPTO issued a notice of allowance of the Company’s patent application covering genes that are underexpressed, (reduced relative to normal) in prostate cancer. The three genes covered by the allowed claims were identified using the Company’s proprietary RFE-SVM algorithm. This new patent will issue at the end of August 2011. In June 2011, efforts were abandoned to obtain European coverage for one of the Company’s alternative feature selection methods after the European Patent Office indicated that only very narrow claims would be granted. With the new filings and issuances, and one abandoned application, the Company now has 55 issued and 32 pending U.S. and foreign patent applications.

    • ehwest3,

      This would not be the first time since inception we the shareholders got the short end of the stick. This company is NOT good about holding true to many statements made, this being the latest:

      "Health Discovery Corporation is at the tipping point of a series of noteworthy product launches,"

      There should be laws against misleading investors such has been done to us for several years. The Feb. 5, 09 filing to start, not to mention the shareholder letter and other total let downs. Note we have not heard a darn thing about Dr. A.. I feel ripped off and I am probably not the only one as we sit near the fifty-two week low again and again and again. JMHO!
      OUT, TRYN

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