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  • buddhazenpeace buddhazenpeace May 6, 2009 12:15 PM Flag

    What will make VRNM go UP??When???

    This obviously needs a catalyst....
    What will the catalyst be? I am new to this stock
    and need a reason to buy 20,000 shares

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    • you have 3 potential events that will add additional price spikes. alluded to in the gov'ts conference call, there may be add'l money for pilot plant in La. an announcement that there is would spike pps. a good conference call monday night another spike, and an announcement that gov't loan guarantee for full scale plant in fla. is secured, JACKPOT!!

      i bought at .30, recent jump to .60+ is based on speculation of happy talk coming out of gov't. wait til definitive news comes out.

    • cuttercampbell May 6, 2009 12:20 PM Flag

      two years to build a new plant before profit revenue is made/ I fell for BP
      backing has not gone up since I invested.

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      • The ethanol business is only half of their operations. Until the plant in up and running, they will be generating revenue from their growing enzyme business. As other cell ethanol companies come into the market, they will need vereniums enzymes to operate. Verenium has already made it clear that they are excited about their growth in the enzyme business. I don't know when they will turn a profit but there is no way this company if folding before the plant comes online. IMHO