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  • nickybalboa Mar 2, 2012 10:50 AM Flag


    in 2011 ceo said i can double, triple, quadruple our revenue without having to touch markets [such as cellulosic ethanol] that don’t exist today a whole lot faster and with a whole lot more certainty. WITHOUT FRACKING,...

    In the early days ceo said:
    Today, we are a leader in an industry where some of our peers are valued at several multiples of their revenue, while we are valued at a small fraction of our 50 million in 2010 product sales.

    Our goal is nothing less than achieving a higher valuation multiple than our peers to reflect the broad applicability of our unique technology and the high-performance products we’re developing and selling to customers today. And our strategy for achieving this goal is straight forward, continued execution.

    fracking industry will be very hot

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    • So under valued...IMHO

    • Nicky...I do remember that statement made about the increase in revenue. I got back in this stock in Jan.

      I had been sitting on the sidelines for some time after selling @ around 4.25 and taking a bath with the fiasco of Carlos running this company into the ground and the 1/12 split.

      I am looking forward to making some money back on this stock. I knew it would turn around in time. Especially after they went back to their roots of what they know. GLTA longs

    • nickybalboa Mar 2, 2012 3:56 PM Flag

      eltp????don't you know vrnm(diversa) was a part of hgsi in the past

    • EXAS .."forgot this". LOL

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      • EXASDOUBLES followed me here from the EXAS board. He used to bash EXAS when he was losing 99.9% of his money on RPC (which is now RXPCD and trades for 3 cents). He finally got on board EXAS and now seems to bash any other stock idea that people present.

        EXAS and VRNM hit 52 week highs today, and I own both (new to VRNM and have been in EXAS a couple years) Both have huge prospects, EXAS is in the middle of FDA trial for their colon cancer test, which will change the way people are tested for CC and save lives and huge money as pre-cancers are detected and removed before they turn cancerous.

        VRNM has come back from the dead, retooled, and now the benefit of the huge sums of reseach money spent with BP will begin to bear fruit. What a little gem of a company it may become.

    • If PEIX & BIOF are at current pps, Verenium should receive the same catalyst effect to reach a fair value which impo is @20$ (very very fair btw).
      good luck everyone

      North Dakota ethanol-blended fuel sales increased 97 percent in 2011.
      In 2011, 1,308,187 gallons of ethanol-blended fuel were sold in North Dakota, according to the North Dakota Tax Department. This compares to 663,727 gallons sold in 2010. Average monthly sales of ethanol-blended fuel jumped from 55,310 gallons in 2010 to 109,015 gallons in 2011.
      The increase in sales is due to the installation of blender pumps statewide. North Dakota is a national leader in blender pumps with 221 pumps in 44 cities, according to a release from the North Dakota Ethanol Council. The council hopes to increase that number to 400 pumps, according to council chairman Jeff Zueger.
      Sales of flex fuel vehicles in North Dakota have increased as well. There are about 64,000 on the road, which is up 50 percent since 2009.
      The five North Dakota ethanol plants produced about 380 million gallons of ethanol in 2011, according to Deana Wiese, North Dakota Ethanol Council executive director. Ethanol plants nationwide produced 14.7 billion gallons in 2011.
      “I think we're nearing the development capacity but there's still room for more of these facilities,” Zueger said. “Could you see another plant in North Dakota? I think you sure could.”
      Zueger also thinks the existing facilities might branch out into other forms of biofuels as well.
      Sixty percent of the corn produced in North Dakota goes to ethanol plants in the state, according to North Dakota Corn Growers Association Executive Director Tom Lilja. The U.S. Department of Agriculture projects that 94 million acres of corn will be planted this spring nationwide. The corn growers association is projecting 2.6 million acres will be planted this spring in North Dakota, Lilja said. According to a corn growers survey, members of the association plan to increase their corn planting by 15 percent to 20 percent this year.
      Paul Anderson of Coleharbor sells his corn to Blue Flint Ethanol, which is 15 miles away from his farm. He made his plans for planting last fall. The increase in ethanol sales will not change his plans but he will plant more corn than he did last year.
      Anthony Mock of Kintyre plans to palnt 2,500 acres of corn this year, which is about 60 pecent of his acerage.
      “We're going to plant a little bit more than our normal,” he said. “We're at the point that we're about as far as we can grow.”
      Mock sells his corn to Red Trail Energy in Richardton

      Read more:

    • nickybalboa Mar 2, 2012 11:52 AM Flag

      One day biodegradable enzymes will replace some acids,Obama wants this too. They expect 600 000 new jobs in fracking.

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      • I agree 100%...Whether fracking is bad (which regardless of the 'Gasland' sIERRA Club sycophants I do not believe) or not, the PERCEPTION among the uniformed masses is that it is bad. The Halliburtons of the world may well adopt enzymes just for the PR value of such a move, even if the cost/benefit of enzymes vs acids is not that great.

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