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  • aenzrpaide aenzrpaide Oct 22, 2012 11:30 AM Flag


    VRNM has support at $3.00, showed on foxchart website. The ongoing P/E is 1.29, which indicates that it is highly undervalued.

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    • Support at $3.00 . . . not any more. RE: the PE of 1.29, bear in mind the PE that is shown is TTM, which stand for (twelve months trailing), so that's not really what the current PE is. Currently the company is losing money and the stock is trading where it is for a reason.

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      • Actually the PE is higher now especially after selling the oilseed processing business to DSM....!!! More #$%$ from you Twin...!!!

      • This goes back to march of this year when they sold the oilseed processing business to DSM:Given that Verenium had a market cap of around $40 million before the announcement, it must come as welcome news for shareholders that a line of business representing 12.2% of the company’s revenues is worth $37 million. Applying that 5X revenue model to the entire business would value the remainder of Verenium at $268.5 million, a huge premium over its post-deal market cap of $47.8 million. That’s overly simplistic, but emphasizes that the company may not, in fact, be well suited to the public markets, where investors are taking a far more dim view of the company’s value than DSM.
        It clearly explains the way this stock is traded ...