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  • billberggren billberggren Jul 1, 2004 2:23 AM Flag

    Retail down 3%?

    AZO only lost 1 percent, when gas prices hit their peak keeping people off the road. The CEO should get a bonus, for doing what I hope he is doing. Advertising bad news, so they can buy shares back at a low rate. It is genius. P/E is now 12.

    BTW, I only shop AZO stores. Where I can get free loaner tools to install the part and prices always seem lower.

    If you don't like AZO there are plenty of other auto parts stores you can buy or work for. Out with the bad, in with the good.

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    • You wrote: "If you don't like AZO there are plenty of other auto parts stores you can buy or work for."

      That's the sad part of all this. With what's going on in the stores right now our loyal, dedicated and FRUSTRATED cutomers and employees ARE going eleswhere! There ARE other auto parts options out there. WE SHOULD NOT BE GIVING ANYBODY ANY REASON TO LOOK FOR OTHER OPTIONS!

      It maybe time to stop saluting our CEO and have everyone, including we investors, realize that without cutomers spending money in our stores all the positive looking financial numbers DO NOT MEAN A THING! If they are going to Advance, Pep, NAPA or wherever; if we lose these customers and do nothing to change the reasons they are leaving then shame on us.

      It's time for all AutoZoners, including us to re-read and re-dedicate ourselves to our companys' pledge:

      Who's the best? AUTO ZONE!
      Who's number 1? THE CUSTOMER!

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      • I have yet to go to any AZO and not find an quality employee working the counter. AZO is hard unrespected work, I would not want to work there. I would rather be a programmer. AZO is one company that seems to respect that by using Linux and not wasting their money so engineers can live it up in Redmond. Anyone who leaves AZO I doubt would go to another auto parts store, they would go to a new industry. I hope they go to Redmond, so Bill can get them a job there.

    • Bill,
      Gas prices are up but I have not seen any information that miles driven are down.

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      • They only said same store sales were down 1 percent from last year. I know I have cut 10-15 percent or more of my driving from last year.

        TSCO, is a no doubt a great company, but the question to ask is how long can they maintain 30 percent revenue growth. Once, they revenues stall, they will still be giving out options and the stock will stall or stop. I would advise people not to work for many places, if they could get a job in a high growth company. TSCO is not AZO's competitor, Pep Boys, Oreillys, ACE, Cheif, are. I am also to beginning to wonder if auto parts stores are like hairdressers after 1-2 years clientele will be looking for something new.

    • Hey Bill,
      You have some brown stuff on the side of your nose

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