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  • enigma3386 enigma3386 Jul 18, 2004 12:16 AM Flag

    Missing the good ol' days

    Everyone complained when we were being run by the "Good Ol' Boys", Pitt Hyde, Tom Hanneman, Tim Vargo, etc. But, at least they kept their eyes on the prize. We started out with a goal to be the number one automotive retail chain in the country. That's what we did. Granted, the "good ol' boys" probably would have run us into bankruptcy with their ever increasing expansions, but they knew what to focus on.

    Now look what we've become. We're selling swimming pools, silly string, and, God help us, luggage. We are no longer a retail parts store. We're turning into K-Mart and you can see how well they're doing! What's next? Swimsuits to go along with the pools? Toothpaste to go along with the toothbrushes? How about a travel agent to plan a vacation with your new luggage? Better yet, let's add milk, bread, condoms, and home pregnancy tests. That would make our transition into the laughing stock of the industry complete.

    Does anyone remember when the walls had the AutoZone name painted on them and just underneath it said, "The Best Parts In Auto Parts"? Now the walls should read, "AutoZone...Your One Stop Shop For All The Crap You Would Never Want"!

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    • I agree completey. The good old days were great until AZ became a huge company out of control through lack of restraint. But it sure was a lot of fun and pride back then. And even the first couple of years with the bread man weren't so bad. Good cutbacks at the SSC and in non-store function expenses paid off. Adding "parts" inventory to the stores paid off even more. But then.....greed hit. Once you have cut everything, and added everything parts related, you need to stop and focus on growing the business. That is where this train headed down the wrong track. Shareholder value was there and growing. But greed caused them to start cutting the only thing left, payroll. That caused a spiral of losing sales, cutting payroll, losing more sales, cutting more payroll. etc etc etc. Now the stores are full of shit merchandise that you would find at a damn dollar store or the kiddie aisle at Wal-Mart. A lot of the parts people are gone. And more importantly a lot of very experienced mid-level field managers are gone, frustrated with the disgusting company AZ had become. This personnel loss is and will continue to cost the company millions of dollars in lost sales, and the loss of people being able to hold morale up is immeasureable.

      Everytime I go into one of the stores I get embarrassed for them.

      Hell I just heard a couple of weeks ago that they aren't even cutting the grass at the stores now. No money in expenses to do it.

      Sad, sad, sad. And only one person to blame. 123 Front st, Memphis TN 98109
      6th floor, corner office.
      Probably eating oatmeal...

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      • obd2 Jul 22, 2004 10:55 PM Flag

        I started working with AZO when they came to SoCal.
        I had just graduated from automotive school,and was looking for a job that would be rewarding.I found AZO,and was very,very happy for couple of years,before mr cookie man took over.I had become a store manager,who was motivated and proud.
        I took my store from last place in Wittdtjr to 11th place out of 54 stores,I set recored sales,and was meeting the challenge head on.
        Then,the cookie man changed everything,and to add to the insult,he kept cutting hour.We started seeling HOMIES and playing cards and lots of junk.
        Well,in august 2002 I left,went to to work at a Ford dealer as a drivability tech and now I make twice money and dont have to put up with such BS.
        Autozone has become a joke,and Im glad I left.
        I sold all my stocks when I left,and will never even there again.All my friends stopped buying there and from what i hear,business is going if i were u,i would sell,right now.

      • Take a look at Pep boys.We're selling the same crap also.Scooters( they are good for a 1 day sale-then returned defective) Friges,DvD playes,Grilles etc etc etc. AND returning automotive parts to vendor!!!

        It must be a trend.


    • Something about your story is showing fualt?
      Cant put my finger on it......

    • If you work in the midwest division watch out. You are not allowed to think on your own. just look at the most popular DM's they can't think on thier own. Just look at Michigan.

    • hows the market look for AZO in the future i hope i can make some good investments.

    • The check is sent by fed ex.. They are also of a red color.. Like an expense check... well enjoy

    • Ahh yes now I know what doesnt check about your story......
      Checks no longer go to the store, havent in about 2 years.

      Look I am as disgruntled as the next, but at least if I state something it is true

    • Hey i see advance is now open till 9pm on sundays. Guys we need to do this too.. I think they may be getting some of our customers.. Lets join in the fun and extend the hours Sunday.. I think most zoners will agree with me lololol

    • Someguy was complaining about overtime, I have had problems on having AZo being closed and I needed a part. It makes great sense, especially in summer. You are working on your car on Sunday and it is still light out and 9:00 and you want to buy a part and it is closed. It has happened to me twice. sunday is a hard day to buy parts. It would be a great idea imho.

    • Bill, brown spots on your nose?
      Or are you having dellusions of grandure again?
      You sick twisted FREAK!!

    • Final checks do go to the store. If requested.

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