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  • enigma3386 enigma3386 Jul 18, 2004 12:16 AM Flag

    Missing the good ol' days

    Everyone complained when we were being run by the "Good Ol' Boys", Pitt Hyde, Tom Hanneman, Tim Vargo, etc. But, at least they kept their eyes on the prize. We started out with a goal to be the number one automotive retail chain in the country. That's what we did. Granted, the "good ol' boys" probably would have run us into bankruptcy with their ever increasing expansions, but they knew what to focus on.

    Now look what we've become. We're selling swimming pools, silly string, and, God help us, luggage. We are no longer a retail parts store. We're turning into K-Mart and you can see how well they're doing! What's next? Swimsuits to go along with the pools? Toothpaste to go along with the toothbrushes? How about a travel agent to plan a vacation with your new luggage? Better yet, let's add milk, bread, condoms, and home pregnancy tests. That would make our transition into the laughing stock of the industry complete.

    Does anyone remember when the walls had the AutoZone name painted on them and just underneath it said, "The Best Parts In Auto Parts"? Now the walls should read, "AutoZone...Your One Stop Shop For All The Crap You Would Never Want"!

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    • hows the market look for AZO in the future i hope i can make some good investments.

    • Someguy was complaining about overtime, I have had problems on having AZo being closed and I needed a part. It makes great sense, especially in summer. You are working on your car on Sunday and it is still light out and 9:00 and you want to buy a part and it is closed. It has happened to me twice. sunday is a hard day to buy parts. It would be a great idea imho.

    • Hey i see advance is now open till 9pm on sundays. Guys we need to do this too.. I think they may be getting some of our customers.. Lets join in the fun and extend the hours Sunday.. I think most zoners will agree with me lololol

    • LOL. That was good!

    • Bill I used to sound like you until I pulled my head out of my ass!

    • Final checks do go to the store. If requested.

    • If you work in the midwest division watch out. You are not allowed to think on your own. just look at the most popular DM's they can't think on thier own. Just look at Michigan.

    • Ok let's see, I had straight A's all through school. Extra ciricular activities, not to mention popular to boot...No complaints about school.
      So which job to I complain about? I have been working doing odd jobs around my town. Had 4 paper routes when I turned 13. Work only 3 jobs since then LOVED them all, including AZ.

      But there are things that need to change. I for one beleive that if a person is complacent, they become a push over. People need leaders.

      Hell this country was founded by complainers.(see George Washington or Boston Tea Party) If you dont like that leave.

      I am not a follower, or like you a BROWN-NOSER!!!

      PS I am not telling people who to vote for, but I do encourage them to get out and vote.

      If you dont like Bush, piss billbergen off and complain by voting against him.

      If you don't like Kerry, piss billbergen off and complain by voting against him.

      But by god (whoever you choose) vote, complain, and make a choice.

    • Different labor rules for different states. Some states you can give out the last paycheck on the next normal payday (Texas), some it has to be deliverd directly to the person within 48 hours, some it has to be given out at the time of termination.

      Just depends on where he lives and what the labor laws are.

    • For The record: for years autozone has sent emails to stores WARNING autozoners NOT to post any derogatory information on the chat boards. It is Not against policy to post. It is against policy to post negative information. Yes you are intitled to your opinion BUT you are Not allowed to Discuss any information that is potentially harmful to AutoZone as long as you are an employee there, that is in the store or on any chat board. If you have concerns there are outlets, AZ relations, Your HR or your DM.
      But as most of you know there is little if anything they can personally do.
      Remember, WE (AUTOZONE) are a publicly owned company. That means we are at the Mercy of Market Managers, and Analysts. It's a business, business isn't always NICE! In fact it's SELDOM nice! ANY large company that is publicly owned is at the Mercy of those guys.
      And that means ANY upper Mgt that wants to run a company and keep stock in good standings, is going to (CONTROL) expenses meaning payroll!
      supplys etc to increase NET profits.
      That is how any business is ran.
      Why should we be different and relentlessly create a different business IDEA?
      Like increasing Payroll hours and explain to the analysts this will increase sales by doing what no-one else is doing therefore haveing AWESOME customer service ! And an increase in customer count.
      In regards to new stores a previous post, WHY. Again, if sales are lagging one logical way to raise sales revenue is to open new stores, more new stores means increasing sales revenue as a whole just not on same store sales.
      and that is where the smart analysts and market managers watch.
      Just my financial opinion on (ANY) business.

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