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  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter May 24, 2012 8:01 AM Flag

    Liquid wrench silicone spray....

    i stopped in at the Lynnwood store for a few items and noticed that they had a sale on the above product (red/white can) for a buck off at 2.99 a can. Lucky me. A few months ago i picked up around 72 cans. i took the five off the shelf and asked the counter person to order me 5 or 6 cases more. He checked the computer for the other stores in the area and the warehouse and it only showed about 15 cans total. How can you have a sale on and only have 15 cans?? He said they couldn't order any more. Yikes....

    We go through a lot of this mighty fine product, so why not get your hands on 10 cases and send them to the Lynnwood store with my name on them??

    jim barron
    Barron Garage Doors, LLP

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    • That's normal at AZO, all the empty END CAPS and empty sale items, soon if the stock keeps tanking they will get new leadership that actually cares about the retail buisness not just insiders filling their pockets with stock options while the company goes deeper and deeper in debt.
      Go to ORLY they will order it for you and probably match the sale price, couldn't hurt to ask.

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      • You struggle with how the retail business at its very basic operates, so let me help. The most controllable and most "expensive" asset is inventory. That's a fact. AZ's business caters to better than 80% retail DIY consumers, and with that being said there stores are not going to have 15 cases sitting around. Why? well what DIY consumer is buying 15 cases? Heck what do you buy 15 cases of ANYTHING? As fas as endcaps go, there's a reason there mostly carwash, waxex..spring and summer items,,,cmon think about it that product generally has a "home" location in a permanant spot in the store. Wow its surprising such basic retail operations are not understood.

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