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  • ibdtrader ibdtrader Jun 25, 2001 3:51 PM Flag

    investigate this!!!!

    Didn't anyone ever "learn ya" to get your facts straight before you try to make a statement for or against something?

    First, I'll conclude that you have no intelligent contribution to the discussion here, since all you can do is look for spelling errors.

    Second, if by the very remote chance you know what one looks like, let alone own one, I refer you to The Merriam Webster Dictionary (any addition you can get your paws on), and look up the word you are accusing me of misspelling.

    THEATRE you will find is a widely used and accepted Middle English version of THEATER.

    What grade did you say you made it to? Oh, that's right, you didn't say.

    I further conlude that any subsequent posts from you are just to be ignored. You do know what ignored means, don't you?

    No you probably don't. It means: To refuse to take notice of..... Got it now young man?

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