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  • fudgepackerslament fudgepackerslament Jul 18, 2001 9:05 PM Flag

    Just watch her fly to 100... ohh sure..


    retail is the next leg down folks.... come August... good bye.... as the consumer rolls over... autoparts sure thing... oh yeah, now there's a recession proof idea... man how many fruitcake brokers are on this thread anyhow.... hope you took profits today... tomorrow... LOOK OUT BELOW.....

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Most people are more than benevolent in how they conduct themselves and treat others here.

      Although I strongly feel that if someone is going to post something that requires proof where a URL link can provide such, then these authors should indeed use the links.

      There are some very absurd claims made that have Zero, Zilch truth in them. Of course I am talking about those posting aboout the stock, not the internal happenings or at the store level.

      Yes, there is room for everybody here.

    • Seems like, to this poster no one should be on this message board!Why can't you all just make your post and be nice enough to let the others do the same, without all the bickering back and forth. If that can be done it would be nice. Every one has a different opinion about everysingle post, agree or not its still the other posters right to say so.Come on now.

    • Lyn,

      First let me say that whatever opposing views we have, how about we agree to keep the discussion polite.

      My comment reagrding discussion of the comapny financials refers to other boards I participate on that are on financial specific sites such as Marketwatch, etc.. This board is less financial orientated, and more of a blend of store policy, employee happenings, etc. Yes, they all lead back to the company, but I'm sure you see my point how discussing balance sheets differs from discussing how a manger handles his/her employees in the store.

      Most people consider themselves smart. But the proof is in the pudding, so to speak.

      I own consulting firm and also have worked in middle mangement for large corporations. Since I hold a Bachelors in Business Management and and Masters in Finance, I like to think I have some idea of when a company is doing things right with it's operations.

      As for the computer age, I would bet less than 1/20th of 1 percent of the population makes a living (no other source of income) as a daytrader, if not even less.

      The Yahoo boards on Yahoo Finance are quicker and more convenient then most of the other boards I use, so here I am. Yahoo finance offers me a quick snapshot of what the markets are doing with news links.

      Anyway, I enjoy discussing insight with others. It gives me a wider a perspective.

      All the best,


    • Your experience is evident that you make decisions during the most unreliable time period - Lunch.


      Seriously though, I appreciate opposing views. It keeps everyone humble.

    • Myself or anyone else here has made such a ridiculous statement that it's goin to 100.

      You're past performance in posting shows your true colors:

      This stock needs no hype and can't be bashed by the likes of yourself or others.

      Anyone who does their due diligence of looking over AZO's numbers will find it's a solid earner.

      Yes, this stock may cycle, all stocks eventually do. But that doesn't mean more upside won't occur nor does it mean we won't see a split.

      I have been investing using a defined approach for many years, and don't need you or anyone else what stocks are garbage or not. The key to that approach is seeking out strong companies with excellent EPS, Return on equity, excellent sales + profit margins and a strong relative price strength rating. THAT is the reason AZO is in my portfolio.

      Oh and for the record, I am not a broker, don't work for one, and don't want to be one. I am an just an investor buying great stocks of companies I believe will perform well.

      But that won't matter to someone like you who probably doesn't even invest.

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