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  • ibdtrader ibdtrader Jul 19, 2001 8:22 AM Flag

    Just watch her fly to 100... ohh sure..

    I wouldn't never lower myself to the likes of this basher.

    Actually of all the stocks I invest in and boards I visit, this is probably the only one where there is little focus on the company stock and its potential and performance.

    Incidently, most investors don't "make a living" through invesing, but do invest portions of the savings and salary to increase to make mor money.

    Trading is the end result of research, not the other wy around.

    I'm sure alot more people come by here than actually post, but see all the ex-exployee sour grapes posts and figure there is a better place other than here to discuss the company.

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    • A better place to dicuss AZ than on a baord about AZ? That is good. Sour grapes or something good, both are part of the cocmpany and you have to remember that the posts on this board are ONLY the opinion of the poster.

      As to the "sour grapes", well most of them have gone away. That will proable even help stock and I bet that if your so damn smart you can figure that one out. Let's see, you even had a few negative comments yourself about things that were done in the stores.

      Incidently, the computer age has helped alot of people to either make a living or go completely broke by doing daytrading as a living.

    • intraday double top... omen of the damned...

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