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  • just_looking_90296 just_looking_90296 Nov 29, 2004 4:18 AM Flag

    I was under impression ISIS

    holds key patents for RNA drugs. Max Plank liscensed to both. Either way with no drug in advanced clinical trials and under 2 years cash left at current burn rate 45/(5.7x4)how does one expect to be rewarded? Honest question here. I'm not trying to bash this company or stock.

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    • Isis holds patents mainly for an older. less reliable, and substantially different technique, antisense RNA. However, it is probably true that some of Isis' patents will be applicable to RNAi, and I think ALNY does have some agreements with Isis to get access to these (marginally relevant) patents.

      With respect to ALNY running out of cash, I agree with you, it's a big worry, probably my main worry. ALNY was unfortunate to come to market with its initial public offering at a time with the market was relatively low and risk averse, so ALNY didn't get as much money as they had hoped for, and certainly not as much money as they will need. But the hope (and prayer) is that ALNY's competitive position with respect to patents will be so compelling that they will be able to make secondary offerings and raise more money in the future. This of course will cause dilution, another worry. Still, at present, it does appear to be a multi-billion dollar technology, ALNY does appear to be in the driver's seat with patents, ALNY does seem to have the best set of scientists, and the ALNY market cap is miniscule. So I can afford to take some risk and some dilution, and wait. If they were to raise a bunch more money, I would buy more stock.

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      • Thanks for your response. I respectfully disagree with the less reliable remark concerning ISIS, but that's off topic.

        This companies' technology does sound very intriguing, and I am going to buy in at some point, but I (personally) believe I'll be able to get in at a little better price.

        Are there any Human proof of mechanism results out that are available?

      • I agree that RNAi/siRNA is a sure bet. I am betting on those companies who have the patents. There are two main ways to deliver RNAi. ALNY has patents covering siRNA, Benitic covering ddRNAi. I have covered both possibilites by buying Benitic stock as well, BLT on the ASX.

        In terms of running out of money. No worries. If this technology pans out (which it will) the stock price gains will be in the 100X. A big pharama on new investors will come in well before then. Any success in this field will cause 100x stock increase since it will change the nature of drug discovery at least for diseases with a strong genetic component.

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