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  • brilliant_american_analyst brilliant_american_analyst Jun 3, 2005 8:11 PM Flag

    Bullish pennant! ALNY will rocket up!


    This stock can easily go to $50 in the short term!

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    • >>Is Benitec the Australian company? I was looking for it but could not find a symbol on any market. <<

      Yes, Benitec is currently listed on the Australian Exchange (AUX), but they have ties to Stanford (Mark Kay) and plans to list on NASDAQ. The symbol for Benitec is BLT. Currently the shares are VERY cheap (about 15 cents).

      Benitec is a very interesting company with a strong IP position in gene silencing technology that they have been aggressively and successfully defending.

      More info can be found here:

      Prof. Kay's laboratory at Stanford University was first to demonstrate the effective in vivo use of RNAi as a therapeutic against a mouse hepatitis disease model. His work on viral diseases is considered a seminal step in the advancement of RNAi technology. Prof. Kay is Director of the Human Gene Therapy Program at Stanford University School of Medicine and Professor in the Departments of Pediatrics and Genetics.

      Disclosure: I'm long BLT. Just recently established my position at current levels.


    • In the therapeutic arena, have a look at Benitec (DNA-derived as well as siRNA),Sirna,Cytrx,Nastech and Arrowhead. Nastech presented some work on TNF-alpha in vivo with animal model at Beyond Genome on RA, comparing to Remicide. Both Nastech and Arrowhead are oriented towards delivery IP.

    • Based on this stocks volume....It appears the only traders of it are on this message board...I didnt see the Motley Fool article....But stock seems to have very little activity whatsoever....No sellers or buyers

    • Looking at Galenea, they do look like they are doing about the same thing targeting flu as ALNY is using the same basic technolgy. Correct? Couple of you, including yourself, have a pretty good grasp of this technolgy - so is ALNY far enough ahead to continue to "rule"? How about protection via patents?

      I have a lot of respect for thinking coming out of MIT. These guys might be rookies, but remember what Bill Gates looked like at first? And you say "highly political start-up" What do you mean by highly political?


    • Galenea is a company with incredible technology with a great IP protection. However, it has no management to run the show. A bunch of rookies are trying to run a highly political start-up. Founders of the company are totally jerk and are bleeding the company.

      Alnylum still rules the space

    • Check out a company called Galenea. It's a private spinout from MIT. They have a lot of RNAi data for treating the flu.

    • "...I cannot get my mind around the means of targeting a virus without doing so with a vaccine."

      I would like to suggest that you review the work ALNY is doing concerning RSV. Their work is well advanced and they are targeting the viral replication mechanism.

      Interrupting RSV viral replication is not just "doable", it has been proven in infected animal models with a one-shot inhaler device. Other viruses that spread in a similar fashion should also be treatable.

      This is a primary treatment, not a vaccine we're talking about. Which is very important because at this time there is no primary treatment, or vaccine, for either of RSV or the current version of Bird Flu.

      I hope that helps.

    • Not being a scientist I couldn't tell you. However, it is interesting to read about the type of work Professor Tripp's lab is doing in Georgia: "The group has a general interest to promote biological application of nanofabricated particles in areas of biosensing, drug delivery, and DNA vaccination. Current applications include development of nanoparticle multiplex assays to detect host and viral proteins in situ, development of biosensors for emerging infectious diseases and biodefense, and development of bioconjugated nanoparticles to disrupt bacterial biofilms."

    • Foolcell;

      Thanks for the correction. I assumed it was a vaccine as I can't imagine another way to "prevent" infection by such a virus. Rereading the press release - I see you are correct.

      That being said, I cannot get my mind around the means of targeting a virus without doing so with a vaccine. Can you explain how ALNY and the scientist from Georgia will do this?


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