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  • pfizerbull pfizerbull Mar 26, 2006 8:33 PM Flag

    Added to my RNAI and BLT positions

    last week. I expect RNAI to rise tomorrow too.

    I am amazed at BLT market seems the excitement is just not reaching those investors with access to the Oz market.

    I just bought 5000,000 shares last week at 8c (that not a typo, yes, either cents in Oz currency).

    The HIV treatment seems fine and they HCV approach using Calandos nanoparticle delivery system seems like a winner with results expected in the 2Q.

    I might buy more today but I was holding back to see if it would drop more to say, 4c, lol.

    ALNY should jump today.....18-20 my guess. We will see. A new 52 week high anyway I think.

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    • Very large.ARWR could have a nice entry point in the next couple of days.BLT is struggling finacially and in need of cash.As for "70 year old CEO's" ARWR has succession in place.I was an intial investor in CYTR and know Steve Kriegsman from his days as a smallcap bio-tech fund manager.Very smart guy and most likely has his house in order.The only problem with CYTR is chewing through the VC hot money.ALNY is still far and away the class of the RNAi field as far as a pure play.HOWEVER in Colando you have discovered the last piece of the RNAi puzzle-effective delivery.

    • What do you make of Protiva's lawsuit of Ilex?

    • Calando delivery technology is what BLT is using it seems for the HCV study. I hope the results are out shortly.

      There was big volume today in BLT but the price didn't move.

      Idenix also just announced their HCV candidate has been licensed to Novartis. From what I understand though the data isn't that great. Im not too worried about this affecting BLTs HCV program.

      ALNY may not have jumped as we all expected yesterday but over the coming weeks and months the rise will continue as steadily as ever I suspect.

      Do you have a position in ARWR? I am always concerned when the CEO etc is near 70. I don't know why. Its ok for a large company like GE to have an ancient CEO...........its partly what turned me off CytRx when I looked into them a while back......I guess this is one of my "gut instincts".

    • I bought 500,000 BLT last week, not 5 million (sorry for the typo). Still, it brings my total holding to 2M shares which is about 1.1% of the company (lol, I feel like a big swinging dick).

      The total cap is now about 15M AUD.

      Compare that to ALNY and RNAI. WTF?

      You heard it here first. You want to still get into a cheap RNAi company? Try BLT. Its all I am still buying right now.

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