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  • Mr10001 Mr10001 May 11, 2007 1:01 PM Flag

    Why is ALNY getting killed?

    Does anybody have real info?

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    • ALNY dropping this morning on more ISIS news today - - more Phase II releases for ISIS-301012 (Cholesterol Reduction Targeting ApoB):

      ISIS will be granted Orphan Drug Status for FH this year!
      A big ISIS-301012 deal later this year for partnership.

      Is ISIS the LEADER. and ALNY the FOLLOWER??

      Go to the Head-of-the-Class with ISIS!

    • Since you asked . . . Here is what was posted on the ISIS Yahoo Board on 5-10-07. ALNY's technology is being discounted as "too far away" from reality! - - shown by the ISIS/BMY deal. Don't shoot the messenger!

      ISIS & Alnylam - - PCSK9 Target

      Yes, ISIS and Alnylam have been working on the same PCSK9 target, but the key difference is that ISIS�s Antisense Technology WORKS, while Alnylam�s RNAi (like Merck�s Sirna unit) is still WORKing on getting their drugs to the right location in the body, and WORKing on efficacy, and WORKing on overcoming short half-life, and WORKing on George Jetson�s Nano-Technology Delivery (no. . .no . . . that�s Merck�s Sirna unit!) Remember, their DOUBLE-STRANDED RNAi technology is largely viewed by the body as a FOREIGN object, and with long-term use, there exists the strong possibility of UNCONTROLLABLE immune-response problems ( Read: Stay clear of this one! )

      BMY�s deal with ISIS clearly shows that Alnylam is just �Not Ready for Prime Time!� Did anyone notice that after the ISIS deal was announced, Alnylam announced the following: �Alnylam Establishes New Research Program on Delivery of RNAi Therapeutics at MIT's Center for Cancer Research�.

      Oh! . . . so now Alnylam�s going back to the DRAWING BOARD for a DECADE or more of BASIC research focused on RNAi DELIVERY! Merck�s Sirna unit is going futuristic on �Delivery� with Nano-Nano, while Alnylam is going �High-Brow� on �Delivery� with MIT!

      Well, for the non-scientific readers on this board, DELIVERY is almost EVERYTHING - - it affects RATES of the drug, and importantly, it affects COSTS! Key Question: With layers upon layers of technology for effective DELIVERY, will Alnylam�s RNAi technology EVER be competitive with ISIS 2nd Gen. & 2.2 Antisense? - - Answer: NO! - IMO.)

      What Alnylam and Merck�s Sirna unit don�t understand (as well as the DELIVERY of their drugs) is that ISIS has the ANSWERS TODAY! . . . AND Tomorrow with its own SINGLE-STRANDED RNAi technology under development (Discussed in the ISIS �06 AR). This NEW development by ISIS can possibly circumvent the KEY problems of DOUBLE-STRANDED RNAi - - the key problems that Alnylam is STRUGGLING with today!

      As I have said before, if I were a holder of Alnylam (even after today�s big sell-off), I would seriously RE-THINK that position, and especially in light of the ISIS/BMY deal! This is NOT investment advice, just my honest opinion.

      Go to the Head-of-the-Class with ISIS!

    • Because people sell watching other guys are selling(the market in general or a stock specific). The price movement of a given stock in the market is highly dependent on past price movements of the stock and other stocks. In a mathematical terms the movement obeys non-linear dynamics with great deal of positive feedback components. One result of such dynamics is that it exhibits hysteresis particularly for biotech stocks which have no earnings; the price does not spring back right away as the rest of the market recovers.

      A good buying opportunity.

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