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  • pottedplant07 pottedplant07 Sep 20, 2007 10:41 AM Flag

    SIX Trends to Consider!

    Let's take look at SIX recent bio trends concerning Alnylam:

    1) Bristol-Meyer-Squibb passed on ALNY's PCSK-9 drug in favor of ISIS's candidate (ISIS has a DEFINED AND EFFECTIVE drug DELIVERY system - - And after 5 years - - ALNY is STILL SEARCHING for a drug DELIVERY that WORKS!)

    2) With the recent ALNY/ Roche deal, Roche passed on ALL of ALNY's drug candidates! - - and ONLY wanted ALNY's IP - - and when Inex was contacted about the Roche/ALNY deal (ALNY's lipid-body delivery supplier) - - Inex said they WERE NOT part of the deal! - - Roche wants NO PART of ALNY's Lipid-Body Delivery System! - - What does Roche KNOW about ALNY�s drug DELIVERY system that ALNY�s investors DON�T know?

    3) ALNY has MANY drug candidates in Pre-Clinical stage, just waiting to start Phase I. . . . With so much CASH on hand, why is ALNY NOT ADVANCING its drug candidates? . . . Why? - - Because ALNY has YET to define an EFFECTIVE DRUG DELIVERY system! - - AND pushing ANY drug candidate forward with their current lipid-body delivery would LIKELY FAIL! - - and that demonstrated RNAi "DELIVERY" FAILURE would "ripple" throughout the bio community like wildfire!

    4) In March, 2006, ALNY released its much touted apoB-100 drug target article (in Nature, of course!) - - with their "new" lipid-body DELIVERY system - - BUT more importantly, ALNY indicated that human clinical trials for their apoB-100 target would likely start in 18 to 24 months. . . Well - - its been 18 months now - - and NO WORD from ALNY when that Phase I apoB-100 trial will start! . . . And NOW we have a new "Nature" article focusing on a NEW drug delivery system for ALNY! - - Why? - - IS ALNY�s current lipid-body DELIVERY NOT effective??

    5) To inhibit a gene target, ISIS�s 2nd Generation Antisense technology can do EVERYTHING that RNAi is SUPPOSED to do! - - the only difference is that ISIS now has an EFFECTIVE drug delivery system that WORKS (And that Antisense is based on SINGLE-STRANDED RNA), while ALNY has a drug DELIVERY system that DOESN�T WORK! . . . ISIS is ADVANCING drugs into CLINICAL trials (Phases I, II, and III), while Alnylam�s drugs WAIT at the gate! . . . Waiting for an EFFECTIVE drug DELIVERY system!

    6) The really EXCITING part of ALNY, the microRNA advances, is being �shuttled-off� to the new Regulus venture. . . And ALNY recently sold-off a major portion of its IP to Roche. . . . So WHAT�s LEFT for ALNY? . . . A company with several ORPHANED pre-clinical drug targets that are NOT ADVANCING! - - AND with NO EFFECTIVE drug DELIVERY system in sight!

    Just SIX trends to consider when one INVESTS in ALNY!

    Go to the Head-of-the-Class with ISIS!

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    • If I would have considered--- Not Buying back in November the 10,000 shares I bought from the naysayers like You and others, where do you get off telling people how to invest (scare tactics perhaps ) to line your own pockets ---dicweeds like you, and others would have cost me the profits i'm making today . Bought in the mid 16s look where it is today "How Dare I Buy Such Losing Stock " . Do your home work before you open your pihole again
      And you call yourself an investor yah

    • It is great message for the people blindly investing in ALNY, given the facts about ISIS delivery technoligy vs. to be proved delivery system.

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      • There might be a few folks here investing blindly, but they represent a very small % of the holders. These firms are not known for throwing darts:

        Holder Shares % Out Value* Reported
        Aletheia Research & Management, Inc. 2,468,048 6.55 $37,489,649 30-Jun-07
        AXA 1,408,979 3.74 $21,402,391 30-Jun-07
        Barclays Global Investors UK Holdings Ltd 1,381,895 3.67 $20,990,985 30-Jun-07
        SECTORAL ASSET MANAGEMENT, INC. 1,340,061 3.56 $20,355,526 30-Jun-07
        FEDERATED INVESTORS, INC. 1,252,300 3.32 $19,022,437 30-Jun-07
        WELLS FARGO & COMPANY 969,870 2.57 $14,732,325 30-Jun-07
        DIMENSIONAL FUND ADVISORS INC 799,464 2.12 $12,143,858 30-Jun-07
        FMR CORPORATION (FIDELITY MANAGEMENT & RESEARCH CORP) 5,361,295 14.22 $81,438,071 30-Jun-07
        VANGUARD GROUP, INC. (THE) 600,812 1.59 $9,126,334 30-Jun-07

    • And Here's Trend # 7

      For Potted, the extensive �sharing� of Alnylam�s technology to others, exhibited in the Roche deal, is a VERY IMPORTANT SIGNAL! . . . It SIGNALS that Alnylam KNOWS that by the TIME it �Figures Out� an EFFECTIVE DELIVERY system for its SINGLE-TARGET drug candidates (most of its candidates are in pre-clinical) - - IT WILL BE TOO LATE! . . . As Potted has stated before, ISIS will be �First to Market�, �Second to Market�, and �Third to Market� with its drugs for ROUND ONE - - SINGLE-TARGET RNA-based drugs. . . . ISIS is MOVING its NUMEROUS drug candidates thru CLINICAL trials and ON TO MARKET because ISIS has a DEFINED EFFECTIVE DELIVERY system! - - while Alnylam WAITS and WAITS on the development of an EFFECTIVE drug DELIVERY system! - - and NONE currently are in sight!

      Alnylam realizes this Big developmental DILEMMA, and is focusing its FUTURE on ROUND TWO - - Regulus! - - the potential CONTROL of MULTIPLE GENE TARGETS with microRNA-based drugs! . . . So Alnylam�s future is thru REGULUS!

      But WHAT about NOW? . . . What does Alnylam do NOW? - - other than continue research on trying to develop an EFFECTIVE drug DELIVERY system - - And face FAILURE after FAILURE! - - - EVEN though knowing it�s TOO LATE for the market! . . . What do you do? . . . YOU SELL YOUR IP! - - to as many as you can! - - to generate TONS of Cash! . . . Those �buying in� are completely oblivious to the severe DRUG DELIVERY DILEMMA Alnylam and other RNA competitors face! (sans ISIS!) . . . And Alnylam continues its MASTERFUL PR! - - suggesting that an effective DELIVERY system is �Just Around the Corner!�

      So for Alnylam, it will be a HIGHLY CASH RICH company, with regular �sell-offs� of its IP to �collaborators� - - but its future is TIED to Regulus! (and may use its CASH STASH to gain an advantage in the Regulus collaborations). . . Actually, Alnylam is CONCEDING ROUND ONE to ISIS, and will work with ISIS to better position the company for ROUND TWO! - - Regulus! . . . However, once the market begins to REALIZE that the current Alnylam drug pipeline is ACTUALLY A PHANTOM PIPELINE - - with NO POTENTIAL for real advancement! - - Watch Out for the Stock to Tank! - - But not for Long - - as the MASTERFUL Alnylam PR will focus the market on REGULUS activities - - and the DREAM LIVES ON!

      Go to the Head-of-the-Class with ISIS! . . . and experience REAL RNA-based Drug Therapeutics - - NOW!

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      • Here�s TREND # 8!

        ISIS is Now Using Single-Stranded Antisense for RNAi with NIH Grant! - -

        This just provides more EVIDENCE that ANTISENSE is the WAY TO GO!! - - EVEN FOR RNAi - - we're talking about EFFECTIVE DRUG DELIVERY with Antisense technology!

        "At Isis, we have a rich history of pioneering work in RNA-targeted drug discovery, and with this research we are continuing to expand the ways in which we can harness biological phenomena with compounds exhibiting chemical properties that enable development of practical, safe and attractive drugs."

        "The multi-year grant will fund research by Isis to improve the stability and tissue distribution of RNAi drugs. Much of the work will focus on optimizing the chemical properties of SINGLE-STRANDED oligonucleotides that trigger the RNAi pathway. In addition to demonstrating that compounds optimized with Isis' chemistries produce superior results in animal models when compared to unoptimized compounds, the grant funds the discovery of RNAi-based drugs."

        As Potted has previously CLAIMED - - "Delivery is Almost EVERYTHING!" . . . Merck's Sirna Unit is figuring it out! . . . and so is Alnylam! - - Better GO with the "ONE WHO KNOWS!" - - That's ISIS!!! - - and these developments are with SINGLE-STRANDED RNA - - ISIS's DOMAIN! . . . Potted predicts that ALL of the RNAi "competitors" will shortly be "KNOCKING" on Stan's door, with wheelbarrels full of cash! - - hoping to get a piece of the new "RNAi Drug Delivery" technology! - - the ONE that WORKS!

        THIS IS BIG TIME NEWS for RNAi Drug Development, as the grant FUNDS ISIS's discovery of RNAi-based drugs! . . . It now LOOKS like . . . in the whole RNA space . . . mRMA . . . RNAi . . . or microRNA . . . ISIS's ANTISENSE technology is the WAY to GO for EFFECTIVE drug DELIVERY!

        Go to the Head-of-the-Class with ISIS!

      • Barf.

    • Six reasons to call you an idiot. You have no idea of any of the partnerships ALNY made. You have never done any DD on ALNY. You don�t get the point with Regulus. You don�t have an idea what the difference between siRNA�s and antisense is. You have no idea about delivery and you have missed the boat on the Roche deal and the reason why it was done.
      If you want to scare anyone with your unfounded talk you should do your homework first. 3 things that could save your wealth: DD,DD and DD.
      You are really out of mind. Hope that will not ruin you.

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      • May Potted DARE ASK - - Just WHERE is the EFFECTIVE drug DELIVERY system for ALNY's candidates? - - - Show Potted the DATA! . . . and NO statements about "Optimizing" . . . or we "HOPE" to . . . or FUTURE plans! . . . SHOW POTTED THE CLINICAL DATA!

        Even the last NATURE article stated that a KEY OBJECTIVE was defining an EFFECTIVE drug delivery system! - - For Potted - - that claim means that ONE CURRENTLY does NOT EXIST!

        Go to the Head-of-the-Class with ISIS! . . . but please KEEP you demeanor!

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