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  • faosto faosto Jan 2, 2008 4:11 AM Flag

    holy crap, $11/share in cash!

    this will probably wander on down to $25 before spiking back up, so I'm on the sidelines for the wanderment. Then I'm buying ALNY up to add to my biotech portfolio. I used to own it; sold at $32, and now waiting for lower entry. ALNY's prospects are terrific. And a half billion in cash makes it a powerhouse of R&D.

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    • Don't forget tha the company is in its infant stage in regards to drug development and $11/share in cash means that their burn rate will eat up the money pretty quick.

      The stock to me is very high based on no drugs out yet, a lot of promise but that is all!!

    • Better add ISIS too.

      • 2 Replies to LeGrappler
      • And ROSG

      • Better yet . . . SELL ALNY NOW and BUY ISIS!

        As the members of this Board must know, Alnylam has yet to define an EFFECTIVE DELIVERY system for their 10 or so drug candidates ( except for the aerosol RSV candidate ). So until they do . . . ALL of these potential drug candidates MUST WAIT at the pre-clinical stage - - AND CANNOT ADVANCE INTO CLINICAL TRIALS! - - just what will ALL OF THIS WAITING do to the stock price? . . . Hmmmm!. . . a slow & irritating stock price decline - IMO!

        Fifteen months ago, Alnylam's President stated that their then much ballyhooed ApoB drug candidate would be in CLINICAL TRIALS in 12 to 18 months (GO LOOK IT UP!) . . . and as time has marched on . . . SILENCE! . . . NO MENTION that the drug candidate has been dropped ( as many now believe! ) . . . Now the Alnylam chorus & band are focused on the new PCSK9 drug candidate! . . . and the TIMELINE has been PUSHED OUT to 2010 . . . but still NO DEFINED & EFFECTIVE DRUG DELIVERY for these candidates! . . . should the ALNY investor WAIT until 2010 for another round of SILENCE? . . . at lower & lower stock prices!

        Sure . . . Alnylam has TONS of cash now . . . but as of today . . . NO EFFECTIVE DRUG DELIVERY for its systemic drug candidates . . . and NO REAL PROGRESS on the horizon! ( some indicate that the lipid-body delivery is problematic . . . and some indicate that it is TOXIC! ) . . . and until Potted sees some REAL progress on EFFECTIVE DRUG DELIVERY for Alnylam . . . the long-term prospects for this stock are limited - IMO!

        Go to the Head-of-the-Class with ISIS!

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