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  • boxcarlong boxcarlong Aug 11, 2009 3:02 PM Flag

    Oh My God, someone is shorting alnylam

    the beloved stock of the IV dream team, call the FBI, the SEC, call Obama, let hang them shorts high. How dare they short this $7 stock, its un-american, they must be comunist, let get congress to investigate, put the mother blankers in jail. throw away the key.

    The clown who post on investor village are priceless when it comes to making me LOL.

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    • << Oh My God, someone is shorting alnylam>>

      The comments on the IV pertained to surprise at the percentage of total trades that were short sales (information about which was just made public), not to the fact that there is a lot of shorting of the stock in the first place, but then you try to write for effect, not accuracy. I’ve held the stock since the beginning and, if progress continues, I intend to hold for the foreseeable future, so in reality the short trades do not affect me. In the near term short selling depresses the price but in the long term the price will more or less increase commensurate with the company’s worth, and in fact there are times that the large short position will make it temporarily increase more so than it would otherwise due to covering. So be it. A lot of the objection to short selling stems from the idea that when practiced on a large scale by hedge funds (not the way you do it, most likely) it is really a parasitical activity, a sort of way for people who are not actually making something or delivering a needed service to skim off the work of others and pay their mortgages, buy their cars, etc. The industry thrives on its ability to make equity investors buy more expensively and sell more cheaply than they would otherwise—in other words, skimming. Skimming is at the heart of short trading, and more income is made than would otherwise be earned (in a truly free economy) for the paltry service it provides of increasing liquidity or alerting investors to another Enron. It is no different than being a welfare fraud, making a living from settlements of frivolous injury lawsuits, or getting wasteful government pork. The upside is money; the downside is not being able to look your kid straight in the eye tell him you’re proud of what you do for a living.

      • 2 Replies to foolcell
      • footcell.. Shorting is just as kosher as going long. You are trying to make money as well as someone like me. I will tell you however that this technology is at its infancy and there is great variation EVEN in vitro ( I work with several people in this field and siRNA's are full of frustration even as tissue culture levels let alone at the invivo level where you have 3 dimensional and complicated extracellular material that will CERTAINLY affect delivery of such drugs. This is a BEAUTIFUL short as I have mentioned before. I think 7 is WAY too high of a price. This company will be a 2 dollar stock in 1-2 yrs in my humble opinion. At least put a stop loss so you don't lose everything,

      • you need to go back thru time and read all the post not just todays about the "short" your pal inoseit is a major rabler about the shorts and my friend fxck-off with the rest of the clueless dream team.

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