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  • nopill nopill Aug 21, 2012 3:34 PM Flag

    PUMP and DUMP...SELL it

    It's a Ponzi. The SEC will shut it down soon. It has been reported by many.

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    • give it up until the stock goes down at least 4% one day. so far, it just bounces up. so sell your short position or give up the blathering until he stock shows weakness. i think it's a bit overpriced. but i'm not an idiot either. no one wants to sell right now.

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      • a_million_miles_from_monday a_million_miles_from_monday Aug 21, 2012 5:01 PM Flag

        I don't know about Pump and Dump, but there are several things to know about this stock:

        -Since the July 16 pop, the stock has established a very solid support at $17 with current resistance at $18.
        -On UP days, the volume has been steadily decreasing, which may indicate a diminished buying interest.

        I have a feeling that the major holders are doing just enough to keep the stock from dropping. It is almost as if someone is continuously monitoring the stock and as soon as it hits a low price limit, a buying occurs with just enough shares to bring it back up within some pre-determined range. I suspect this is what MMs or Fund managers do with their high speed computer algorithms. Individual/retail buyer will not be able to time it this precisely.

        If the stock was so hot, then I would think a lot of people would want to buy it and on UP days the volume would be high, but since last one month the exact opposite is happening.

        I did a quick compare of last month's volumes on UP days and DOWN days and here is what I found:
        Total UP volume days = 10
        Total DOWN volume days = 13
        Total UP volume=3685940 shares
        Total DOWN volume=7190751 shares.

        In short, since last one month (July 21 - August 21), the Average volume on UP days is 368594 shares while the average volume on DOWN days is 553135 shares.

        Btw, I own long PUTS on ALNY.

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