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  • ace_of_spades_hq ace_of_spades_hq Mar 24, 2013 5:29 AM Flag

    Legendary Seeking Alpha Blogger

    Is not too excited about Dr. Fan's Business Model or the Golden-Sombreo which Kopin expects people to wear on their heads for some reason or another. You can find Mark Gomes' take at Seeking Alpha in the place where some guy is usually obsessing about Kopin's inventory and what it portends. I got your stinking inventory right here buddy.

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    • Mr. Gomez does good work. It's good to see a tempest fomenting around the area.

      I cannot get too negative a vibe, however. Not when Austin Marxe chooses Kopin as their biggest bet. Certainly, Marxe can be wrong. But with 6M shares and adding, there is probably a gap between what they know about Kopin and what I would know.

      Their specialty is delving into (what they call) "special situations". So there could be more here than meets the unaugmented eye.

      It's not about Golden-i sales. Or a direct Google connect/ disconnect. Not imo.

      Maybe there is merit to the idea of the (not too shabby) value of the Kopin patent portfolio- in a field that (unstoppably, they say) is coming???

      Mr. Fan seems to think there is this highway to AR. With Kopin situated at a toll booth.

      Reminds me of Petra. An ancient city that rose to splendor. That rise was due to luck of geopgraphy. It's situated on a narrow gap along the silk routes. The Googles of the day travel the laborious journey to A/R riches.

      Now one could by stock to finance the travelers assets, which would, with luck, be traded for greater assets. But that might take longer than expected. Worse, traders might never return with greater assets. So there is no protection from loss of assets.

      Or you could simply buy Petra stock and municipal bonds.

      The city might have a worthless toll both in the desert.

      Marxe does not seem to think so.

      So, you are buying a booth for zero, IMO. Why? The market value of Kopin indicates a figure close to tangible assets. The portfolio of patents? A free bonus.

      So your investment is protected with assets. Cash. Remember, when you check the tangible assets of Kopin at Yahoo, the $75M from recent asset sale is NOT included.

      Such a deal!! Flip a coin. Heads, the portfolio is worth nothing. But you are protected with tangible assets. You still have something. Furthermore, Kopin is buying it's own stock. Tales, the portfolio is worth a lot.

      LITTLE risk. REWARD, possible.

    • Oops, Golden-Sombrero, for you non-baseball fans the Golden Sombrero is a designation for a batter who strikes out three times in one game. " And Fan strikes out for the third time taking a fastball down the heart of the plate." Grab some pine Fan, game over.

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