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  • donker3 donker3 Mar 22, 2011 5:24 PM Flag

    LPC's Buying????????

    It would be kind of interesting to know how much stock Lincoln Park is buying at this price level wouldn't it?

    Do we have to wait until the next quarterly to find out?

    The Donker

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    • FL,

      Enjoyed your subject matter also.

      Can you clarify a bit about the ASTM:

      "ps// Not touting this, but read thru the ASTM website: patents, officers, G&A cost controls, etc"

      What the heck are these guys doing now????

      The Donker

    • Donk,
      I enjoyed your post:
      "golden goose" belongs to JJ, not to us out here in the wilderness. (agree with your dilution comment, but right now it is better than a "BK" announcement)

      My "ah-ha" moment will come as I read results of next proxy voting for the BOD - - no change = same old BOD, same CEO = spend, dilute, spend, with periodic poor PR announcements.

      How many years now have the 'Stein boys been selling TB4 off the back of the wagon?

      ps// Not touting this, but read thru the ASTM website: patents, officers, G&A cost controls, etc

    • any one here know what if anything is going on with the military doing tests in the eye field...seems it has been a while since that was mentioned...

    • FL,

      I don't know if I'd classify LPC as the 'golden goose' with the dilution that could take place of $11 million plus their original ante at this low pps.

      I thought the deal was approved around mid Feb.

      Maybe the amount sold will show up in the qtr. reports-who knows?

      I going to assume LPC is buying at these levels until proved otherwise. They can't buy below 15 cents (if I remember right) so this should be a good entry level at least.

      But interest/buyers in a stock that's been caught in a type of limbo, as this one seems to have been caught in, might very well be a sign of a 'favorable wind' that moves this thing a bit.

      Hopefully, the bedeviled Mr. Fink won't scare LPC off. You have to wonder about S/T suffering thru all this stumbling mess, tho.

      The upside of the 'wilderness experience' is, some say at least, it brings a certain clarity of thought. I suspect a person might need an ah-ha moment just to trade out of this stock and be wearing any clothes whatsoever in the end.

      The Donker

    • Why would you think LPC would be buying? I doubt they are. They did a small "tippy-toe" in the water, and they have agreements to buy more, if RGN offers. But what possible incentive has Finkle idiot given LPC...or ANYONE to buy shares????? humm? Name me one single thing gone right for RGN. It never ends.

      Now Finkle-idiot states he has not a place to make GMP/FDA quality TB 4 for the heart trial. Total incompetence. He should have known DAMNED well what the FDA would require of paperwork, if Finklestein wanted to INJECT TB-4 into a heart attack patients heart muscles.

      Total incompetance. The GMP and FDA approval certificates from the contract place should have been JOB NUMBER ONE..before you go to FDA for trial approvals. This dope Finklestein is like that episode from the 1930's of "Spanky and Our Gang"....rememer that? The one where they said ......"Let's put on a show!"

      well......Finkle -diot folows..."Hey, Let's do a trial!".

      So far he TOTALLY mi- designed the pressure ulcer trial....(dosed stage 4)...he totally screwed up design of venous ulcers (same).......and he totally screwed up so far not even having right paperwork for FDA on the contract maker for hear trial. DUHHHHHHH. Wouldn't one think that if a DRUG is going to be INJECTED into a person AFTER a heart atack....that the FDA will be ALL OVER YOU for issues beforehand? How on earth could Finklestein miss that????

      EASY! Just marry into Goldsteins family and you are protected for life. or at least until RGN goes belly up because of how Finkle-Stein-o ran it.

      It PAINS me to think the BOD will grant hinm a raise and a bonus. It's absolutely criminal.

      Don't even get me started on Finkle Idiots lack of nary a single patent from the over TWENTY YEARS of trying.

      Finkle and the Steins..Steins.....should be studied at Harvard Business School as a prominent case study of how to fail. With about 430 increible abstracts on Pub med....a kindergartner coudl promote a company better than he.

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      • Sno,

        On their agreement, they can't buy less than 15 cents right? So this is pretty close, why not tank up with some cheap shares. Couldn't get much cheaper and still be a buy it would seem.

        They, like you and everybody else here, must see something in this science that even Mr Fink can't screw up or they wouldn't have thrown their hat in the ring. At this point, it would appear that the only thing Mr Fink has accomplished is to become
        "a pure incarnate example of the Peter Principle". Oh well, we all have our own claim to fame. LOL

        Maybe they can light a fire of sorts under this operation.

        Unfortunately, I don't think we'll know til the next quarterly right?

        The Donker

    • who wouldn't be scooping up shares at these levels...?

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