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  • snogreen snogreen Apr 8, 2011 11:10 AM Flag

    If this would tank to about .15...................

    Matter of fact? i wouldn't buy any, stock or warrant, until I see the size selling of Lincoln Park go away. I'm pretty sure, as Bocamp said, that they are selling the 1 million FREE shares they got. And if it also is "effective" they might be selling a good bit of the 1.8 million shares they took at .27. Yes, that would be a small loss. But they sold a lot of stock, I bet, between 21 and 24. They can afford a small loss on the 1.8 million shares at 27 cents, because they sell 1 MILLION shares with ZERO cost. It works out to a profit for them. THEN? After they puke out all RGN..they are left with a ton of warrants for FREEEEEEEE. No risk.

    And when RGN comes back to Lincoln for MORE money later in 2011..Lincoln will do it all over again. Unless? Unless RGN completes the eye trial on time and it is a win. THEN they probably hold for a score. Until then? Lincoln Park is puking for free money. I'd like to see 10-14 days of almost NO volume and NO selling and take that as a clue they may be done. Then you could try for some stock or warrant gamble. But until they are done destroying RGN.....why bother?

    If RGN mgmt, BOD or Cavazzas had ANY honor (especially mgmt and BOD)...they would buy a combined 1,000,00 - 2,000,000 shares minimum when the SEC buy window is open in a few weeks. That would cost, for 1 million shares..maybe $200,000 total. If the BOD and mgmt insist that they take ALL compensation in CASH and risk not a penny to buy stock? At 18 cents? Then why would anyone else buy or believe in RGN or TB 4?????

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