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  • snogreen snogreen Apr 14, 2011 10:42 AM Flag

    Where's Lincoln selling?

    Humm...I haven't seen handfuls of 5,000 or 10,000 share downtick sell prints today..... well, yet that is. I wonder if Lincoln Park is done selling their RGN deal PIPE buy of 2.8 million shares? Maybe Finklestein called them and said what they hell are you doing destroying us?

    what WOULD be nice is if Finklestein, Goldstein and EVERY BOD member would buy open market RGN shares when they are soon allowd to by SEC rules. I think once they file the 1st Q data, the insider buy window is open. Show us you believe in TB 4, and not just an overpaid bi weekly paycheck.

    Add up all the millions in cash over the years all mgmt and Board members have sucked out in RGN. All shareholders got in return is delayed or botched trials and a 17 cent stock...which has now been diluted to kingdom come. And EVERY PIPE deal mgmt has done only destroys the share price further.

    I am truly baffled how the Cavazzas stand by so silently.

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    • if you are going to gamble why not now when the puking is good! I need to lower my basis anyway and cannot believe JJ can screw up anymore since the light bulb went off that he needs to save money to get his check
      The eyes have it-thankfully the trial is physician directed so that motivated interested doctors may get it done on time and save this company's bacon
      JJ will not do anything until he has proof of concept-successful trials
      Hopefully the success which I believe will happen will result in Sigma Tau helping to drive deal terms as I do not believe JJ has successfully brought any drug to market or to any degree of success. Once some money is involved that needs protecting I hope we have a white knight to take JJ out of the picture.

    • i bought another whopping 2000 @ .18 today, brings my basis to .60 think i'll blow my brains out ....... sigh.

    • I know what i said and i beleive it. But, opening tick was a buy at .2. Nobody is "puking" stock putting it on the offer......................get real.
      Lincoln selling is not nearly as aggressive and may be over

    • oppps. I knew I'd speak too sonn.

      There goes a 27,000 share block sale. probably Lincoln Park yet again puking. At least some one else too it!

      I hope Lincoln os close to done selling.

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