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  • snogreen snogreen Apr 18, 2011 4:42 PM Flag

    3.2 mill since effect.

    Since Feb 12, when the SEC declared "effective" for Lincoln Park to be able to sell it's almpst 2.8 million RGN stake (just bought no less).RGN has traded 3,223,440.

    So they should be coming near the end sometime soon. but the other problem is they put ontp the market 2.8 million shares just sloshing around. That stock down't have a real home either.

    "Finkle -Screw"... is giving a conference call on April 21? Gee three days from now. Anyone listening? Anyone questioning? 'll probably listen, but not question. No,use in it. Besides, they might screen whom they let question, too! It woldn't be pretty from any long term holder. But if someone does feel like it? My question is:

    " Mr. Finklestin, we are all but broke and need to save every penny. This should include all un-necessary travel. That should include ALL conferences where you are invited to give a 25 minute presentation.....It is a waste of OUR money. You just make a fool of yourself, because how can you try to coax an investor at a conference to buy RGN...IF YOU WON'T BUY ANY RGN AT 18 cents???

    I figure we could save a few tens of thousands by barring Finklestein from presenting at confrences (in nice places) until HE HIMSELF steps up and buys 18 cent stock.

    And that goes for ALL mgmt, BOD, Cavazzas......if they don't believe in TB 18 cents....then why bother doing anything more? Might as well close up shop now.

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    • Sno,

      Which effect are you talking about?????

      The Donker

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      • Explained it before, but open the link and see:

        february 11, 2011 was the date that the SEC declared the previously done deal for stock with Lincoln Park....all okay and all shares properly registered with them. Once the shares are properly regietered with the SEC....and they "bless" it...the shares become 'effective" for trading (they were not before). The SEC just shows a headline: <<effect>

        So all you have to do is picture Lincoln Park with 2.8 million shares of RGN..and 1 million of them were given ABSOLUTELY FREE...NO COST....and Lincoln has to sit and wait till the SEC says the shares are <<<effectively registered>>.

        Once they are EFFECTIVE????? Sell..puke....sell..puke..sell..puke...dump..sell...hit bid....puke....sell...flood market....dump...

        Get the pictue??

        As of Feb 11 Lincoln Park owned 2.8 million. Assume safely they are selling EVERY share. 3.2 million traded since effective they are getting close to done I hope.

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