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  • bocamp1 bocamp1 Apr 20, 2011 2:32 PM Flag

    Finl CC

    Could Finkelstein give a very good presentation tomorrow? Could he start with a mea culpa directed to shareholders accepting full blame for single handedly ruining the market for TB4 and shareholder value during his tenure here??? Will the earth stop spinning?

    Company could be headed in a new direction. Bid has slowly moved higher all week, as it looks like someone is accumulating shares. Maybe Fink resigns tomorrow.

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    • I doubt anything will happen. RGN no longer talks about the MS trial...that is suposedly off for a year. They seem to have shut down the heart trial. I don't buy the "GMP excuse". The EB trial is most likley a flop. I can't imagine a trial that takes over 6 years to get patients would be a winner.

      The Cosmetceuticals is pretty much dead and gone. RGN doesn't have the US patent for it.

      RGN had a researcher excitd about the possibilities for CF work..but that seems dead.

      The only thing that seems alive is Finklesteins bank account.

      I think they should just give up talking to investors. Save all money. The conference call will be a joke. It will be a pitiful joke that Finklestein will probably attend a handful of bio conferences in 2011 and speak for 20 mins..all in very nice places, that we shareholders pay for. It's INSANE to waste that money. Because RGN will be a joke. A laughing stock. How the hell can Finklestein talk with a straight face, trying to get investors to look at, or buy RGN.....when Finklestein won't buy a SINGLE share at $0.18 cents. 1000 RGN shares would cost Finklestein about $180. He won't even do that. Thats pitiful... when his gross pre-tax paycheck - he GLADLY takes from us - is almost $5,500.00 a week.

      You suck Finklestein.

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