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  • bocamp1 bocamp1 Apr 27, 2011 11:02 AM Flag


    Stock getting a little attention today. Dont think sub .2 level will be available for too much longer. Every dog has its day...............
    Sno couldnt be more negative,,,,,good contrary indicator.

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    • The Italians other ugly stepchild is also moving today...SNGX

      And how about Qcor?

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      • Cavazzas are now each below 5% (ech) of QCOR. Seems like they must have sold some in the teens$. Now QCOR is $21. Personally, I'd take it all off and bank the couple hundred million you made. I'm not sure how long it will be insurance feasible to charge $125,000 for a few vials of their drug.

        I think the low buy by Cavzzas on QCOR must have been the 15 to 20 cent area. And a ton in the 0.50 to $1.00 area. Nice.

        CAn anyone else figure out wht the FDA trial changes are to the EB trial? It reads to me like FDA agreed to remoce the placebo comparison demand. If that is true, I think that is very significant. It will surely speed up finishing trial, and will probably lower the bar for what is needed for long as it is safe and side effect free. But the FDA has data on about 28 patients going back FIVE years.for safety and side effects. So they must be comfortable.

        Refer back a couple years ago top what dr. jo-David Fine of Vanderbilt saw in one of his EB patients who hs suffered for 25 years. All RGN needs is a few like that, and it will be approved.

    • Hey, I'm just a realist. Reality is...mgmt is worth every negative I write. You yourself have posted so - just as much as I have. I've always been hopeful on the possibilities of TB 4. if I was so "negative", then how come I scour the PubMed site for interesting abstracts...then post them here.

      Only possible thing in the near term that would help here, would be a major amount of open market buying by mgmt and BOD. if they know so much more than us about it and what is going on behind the scenes, why aren't they buyig at 18 cents? Gred is good. Or why is Lincoln Park selling it? I think the insider buying window could be open in a few weeks time. If Finklestein wants to show investors that TB 4 could be something...then buy shares at 18 cents. Simple as that. Show us you believe.

      I'm having more fun with the oils anyways. Far more profitable trading.

      BTW, I checked QCOR filings and both Cavazzas sold down their stakes to below 5% each. They no longer will have to report. QCOR recently $19. The are probably flush with close to a couple hundred million profit total. A million shares of RGN would only set them back $180,000...a rounding error from a couple hundred million.

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      • <<Only possible thing in the near term that would help here, would be a major amount of open market buying by mgmt and BOD>>

        Sno, you forget one OTHER possibility. Patents, of course. I know I don't need to explain much beyond simply reminding all that there are a SLEW of patent requests awaiting final, final, final resolution. If the log jam at USPTO finally breaks RGRX's way, we could see an avalanch of approvals in short order. It's at least something to keep in mind.

        Of course, there are also all the weirder, more unpredictable possibilities which might positively affect things. But, no sense holding your breath for any of them.

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