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  • snogreen snogreen Apr 28, 2011 5:06 PM Flag

    April 20 patent filing

    I thought this was interesting. I mentioned that RGN filed an updated patent filing in Europe. It was for the wound repair area. The one April 20 was an "updated" one that they previously filed Jan 10, 2010..and that was updated from ones earlier. I spent some time looking at the details, to see what was different in it from previous. I found something cool. RGN changed some things. In the April 20 one they literally threw in the <<kitchen sink>> for TB 4 applications, conditions and disease areas. You gotta dig in to find it. It's a much longer filing. But it looks to me like RGN is trying to sneak a human....for TB 4. read what I mean. Quote:

    <<11. The composition of any of claims 1 to 10 wherein said tissue is selected from the group consisting of a skin tissue, a dermal tissue, an epidermal tissue, an eye tissue, a cornea, a retina, a uro-genital tissue, a gastro-intestinal tissue, a cardiovascular tissue, a muscle tissue, a connective tissue, a neural tissue, a bone tissue, a cartilage tissue, a breast tissue, a central nervous system tissue, a pancreatic tissue, a liver tissue, a reticulo-endothelial system tissue and an endometrial tissue.

    13. The composition of any of claims 1 to 10 wherein said tissue is subject to a disease or condition selected from the group consisting of an arthritis, osteoporosis, a musculo-skeletal disorder, a burn, an ulcer or ulceration, a pressure ulcer, a diabetic ulcer, a skin lesion, a skin disease, a neurological disease, a neurodegenerative disease, a nerve disease, a bone disease, a heart disease, an eye disease, corneal damage, retinal damage, skin damage, a cardiovascular disease, ischemia, atherosclerosis, a fibrotic disorder, a sclerotic disorder, a cancer and a cell proliferative disorder.>>

    See what I mean?? Previously RGN filed filed individual areas for TB4. In this filing they are requesting TB 4 patent for EVERYTHING. I think it pretty sneaky! I also noted that RGN is using a Patent Law irm from GERMANY for this..not the usual one in DC.

    If RGN can sneak this one through, RGN will basically have the whole human body covered in one fell swoop. Because they mention ALL these areas..for any (and I quote)...."Disease or Condition".

    Boy Oh Boy....if they can ever pull this one off and get a patent granted???? RGN will have no patent worries anywhere in Europe.for almost ANY indication or use. Then RGN will have something to offer a big pharma. Total patent protection for TB 4. Too bad RGN can't try to pull this off in the U.S!

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