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  • snogreen snogreen May 2, 2011 12:23 PM Flag

    Attn: Snogreen

    I'll give a look. The concept sounds good. I'll see if I can get my brother to look at it. He'll know, because for many years he was with Penzoil in Bradford PA working as a Land Man for them. He's been in the bz for 25 years...but Pennzoil is long gone.

    Bradford was a cool town.

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    • Well, they certainly have a good "story" to tell. Too bad it had a nice run rom $5 or so to closeto $15 and down a bit now. I wish they had U.S. financials. Have to say the revenue growth numbers are impressive. But one thng knaws at me. 60% of their revenue comes from just 3 clients. Why is that??? And they really don't have any clients in the U.S. If what this company has to offer, does what it says....every NG player would be knocking on theor door to try it. In particular Cheseapeake (CHK). The EPA is breathing HARD down all the NG drillers throats. My brother had horror stories about the EPA. BAck in the 90's the Clinton EPA singehandidly shut down most all eastern NG and Oil. they put the same regulatory burden on 3 bbl day well in PA, as a 500 bbl day well in Texas. They became not cost worthy. They plugged THOUSANDS of these wells all over the east. when they pluuged wells, the EPA went after the small refineries. Same deal. regs to them same as a massive refinery. So they were closed down.

      So what I get at is WHY the likes of Chesapeake isn't all over this company, to placate people that this technology is better than current fracs?

      I don't know. but I added this one to the watch list!

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      • Sno, thanks for the reply. Gasfrac has opened a new facility in Kilgore, Texas about two months ago. I don't remember how many rigs they have but they have been hiring and training new crews. Range Resoures are very active in my area. Hydro fracking is under a lot of pressure in Pa. and NY has banned the use of hydro fracking. One other thing, is rgrx.ob ever going to come back to life. Thanks again.

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