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  • snogreen snogreen Jun 8, 2011 11:34 AM Flag

    C. Cavazza died June 6

    Wonder how the Cavazza estate taxes will play out in Italy? I assume there must be some. Wonder how Sigma Tau ownership is structured? Can Claudio pass his private shares tax free? if not? Will the heirs have to sell things to pay taxes? or take Sigma Tau public?? Does Cavazza still own QCOR? Cost basis about 50 cents, price now $21.50/ Same with SCLN. Wonder if heirs will sell that to raise money if needed? or did Claudio plan well? Who knows. Their dollar value stake in RGN is probably meaningless when compared to his overall estate valuation.

    My biggest hope is that Paolo was always in the shadow of his older brother. Let's hope paolo is active on the likes of RGN. Certainly if Claudio's 20% (plus) stake in RGN goes to his heirs....THEY might very well get pissy (rightly so)...... at flubby Finkelstein.

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    • SCLN having a tough time the last week or so. Its selling off today on increasing volume. I see no news, but wonder if the C bro death has anything to do with it?

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      • Cavazza family has two reps on the SCLN BOD. Selling window is very short because or that. Onl;y about 4 times a year insiders can. If they ever did sell, it woudl probably be via a secondary public offering...and a discount. They own about 18%.

        SCLN has a ton of other issues that the Kool Aid Krew closes eyes to. The most amazing is that SCLN basically ADMITTED to bribing people in China to spur sales. And SCLN probably has been doing that since approvals there........1996. Kool Aid Krowd doesn't factor in ramifications of that....whatever the US DOJ fines them is nothing - compared with how the Chinese Govt will react. And SCLN brags about their 83% gross margins there. Overcgarge poor Chinese...bribe to grow sales.....then brag about your margins. All the while you have NO patent protection there. Crazy.

        You wait and see.....

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